ozone in restaurant
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Use Of Ozone In Restaurant

Health department authorities enforce extremely strict standards in areas that prepare and serve food, such as restaurants, hotels, motels and other food points. A poor health grade can lead to the owners’ businesses being shut down altogether if they do not comply with these standards. Cleaning protocols of the usual standards don’t always suffice, because there are some surfaces when it comes to cleaning that cannot be reached. The same is true for bacteria in the atmosphere that settles on clean workstations, since the task was not adequate. However, the use of ozone in restaurant is an ideal solution to deal with odor, bacterial, and other sanitization issues.

ozone in restaurant

Restaurant Odor Removal

Locations where food and drink are prepared and served, such as restaurants and hotels, emit a variety of odors that can drastically affect the way guests perceive a facility’s atmosphere and quality of service. Food and beverage businesses can be inhibited or boosted by the odors emanating from their locations, so it is imperative to keep odors manageable inside the establishment so that the business can thrive and guests will have a pleasant dining experience.

There will be certain odors in any location that is preparing and serving food and beverages, both from the cooking process and from bodily fluids such as sweat generated by the heat and humidity that is commonly found in kitchen environments. Upon getting embedded in carpet fibers and curtains, restaurant odors are very difficult to remove. They end up embedded in the furnishings and furniture all throughout the restaurant, making it extremely difficult to remove them completely. Besides the acrid smells that continue to emanate from restaurants, along with the microorganisms reproducing and causing the bacteria and pollutants to flourish in the air, thus creating a hazardous situation for those that breathe in the air.

Green solution

ozone in restaurant

A restaurant’s odor can be eradicated from the entire facility without chemicals or perfumes, because ozone technology is green. 

Additionally, it prevents odor molecules from returning and can run with minimal maintenance. It also has the ability to sterilize the air quickly and easily. It is a natural way to eliminate all the restaurant odors completely because it relies upon the action of ozone in the atmosphere.

A natural way for nature to eliminate odors is by producing ozone during electrical storms. When levels of ozone are high, it becomes bluish in color – this is why the sky is blue. The word ozone derives from the Greek word “ozien” which means “to smell.” In the early 1900s ozone was discovered and it joined the ranks of the world’s most powerful oxidizers.

Mold, mildew, bacteria, and odors are also killed by ozone. In addition to attacking all of the individual features of restaurant odors, ozone molecules neutralize negative ions so that they dissipate naturally and do not come back once a masking chemical has worn off. The scents of chemical-based cleaners that would typically be used to deal with restaurant odors will put off many people, especially while eating. Ozone provides the option of eating in peace, with no odors from the restaurant, and does not utilize the use of chemicals.

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Having to smell raw seafood, burnt meat, mold, grease, and other smells of spilled ingredients is one of the most unpleasant things you can experience. The odor of this type of cooking is unappetizing, unsanitary, and unhygienic in any restaurant kitchen. Due to the fact that such a huge variety of meals is prepared in commercial kitchens, it is totally understandable that they accumulate more smells. In addition, a lot of raw food is stored in restaurant kitchens, and a lot of the kitchen crew works in a small area. For this reason, keeping restaurant kitchens odor-free is imperative. When it comes to sanitizing and neutralizing the smells in your kitchen without having to exhaust every single source of the smell, use an ozone cleaner that tackles odors down to the last molecule. 

Including those areas that are hard to get rid of, you can keep the kitchen odor-free in all areas.

The use of ozone generators is an extremely effective method for removing specific restaurant odors. An ozone generator can immediately attack the source of the odors in the kitchen, regardless of whether it is food-related or from other sources (like air fresheners and other cleaners). The most common place for aromas to hide in restaurants is in the carpets, fabrics, and tiny crevices. The microorganisms that take hold (mold spores, E-coli, etc.) can hide in the smallest of places, so a treatment as powerful as ozone is needed to eliminate every last spore or cell.

How ozone treatment works?

ozone in restaurant

Let the ozone machine run for a few hours in your kitchen or dining area of your space.  Allow it to run all night if you are having an especially bad odor.  Close off the area and ensure there are no customers nearby.  In this way, you make sure that the oxidation process (which kills the bugs) can work properly; otherwise, ozone concentrations may drop, which will prolong the oxidation process and make things take longer.

When you have finished, enjoy the fresh scent of your restaurant! You will not have to clean, scrub or labor.  Additionally, the odors will be permanently eliminated.  The process is very simple.  Before you depart for the night, set up the ozonator, then come back the next morning and everything is ready!

Bottom line

Visit our commercial ozone generators for the best natural cleaner available on the market to improve hygiene, remove odor, and increase efficiency in your restaurant. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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