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The Use OF Ozone For Grease Traps Odor Removal

The environment is greatly benefited by grease traps. When sewage pipes, pumps, and sewage stations have less grease, it is less likely to cause problems. Additionally, grease traps also spread odors into the surrounding environment through ventilation ducts, vent pipes, and sometimes even directly from the room where they are located. People who live nearby can suffer from this. A compact and sustainable solution is the use of ozone for grease trap odor problems.


Causes of Grease Trap Odor

It is common for grease traps to emit foul odors since they collect waste from the kitchen sink. Sometimes, it is difficult to identify whether the odor is coming from the grease trap, but grease trap odors can be distinguished from septic odors because they contain decomposing food particles and grease.

It is normal for grease traps to occasionally emit an odor, but it should not persist. According to a proper grease trap system, the food particles and fats fall to the bottom of the grease trap, and the baffles allow the liquids to flow out into the trenches or gray water tanks, based on how your property is configured. Grease traps catch all the fats and particles that are flushed down the drain. It is therefore important to pump them out regularly so they don’t block pipes or burn out the greywater pump.

Here are the common causes of grease traps odors.  

Dirty Grease Trap

Despite the grease traps being designed to separate fats, oils, and greases from wastewater, there are occasions in which organic solids and food particles get caught inside. Gasses are emitted as a result of this process. A sulfur gas is one of these gasses, which can cause the trap to smell foul.



P-traps keep odors from going down the drain by functioning as a physical barrier. In other words, if your P-trap is broken, you can experience odors coming up into your kitchen and dining area.

Grease Trap Ventilation

To increase the separation efficiency of the tank, the grease trap has a flow control device with a vent to let air into the tank. Placement of the vent should be away from the building.

As soon as you have identified the cause of the smell and determined it comes from the grease trap, you can use the ozone machine to prevent it from smelling.

Ozone Generator for Grease Traps Odor

With a continuous supply of ozone, it is easy to solve the odor problem. The no-chemical by-products of this process are also rapid and efficient at destroying bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. If you add ozone to the room, the odors will be significantly reduced while the space’s hygiene will be significantly improved.

In cases where there is a possibility of more than insignificant amounts of fat being flushed down the drain, grease traps must be installed. Property owners with restaurants and large kitchens as tenants are often required to install grease traps.

In order to determine where the stink is coming from, it is vital to find the source of odor. What kind of odor is coming from outside? What was the source of the smell? Is it coming from under the grease trap only?

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Grease traps can stink for a number of reasons, and identifying the cause can narrow down how to fix the grease trap smell.  

It is possible that food particles and fats are lodged in the pipes going to the grease trap or that there is not enough moisture in the grease trap to dampen odors coming from the kitchen sink drain when you have the grease trap cleaned regularly.

In general, grease trap odor removal with ozone generators is very effective. Therefore, your customers and employees will have a much better experience.

Other Benefits of Ozone


Other than grease traps ozone treatment, the ozone generators offer plenty of other benefits. Here are some of the notable benefits of ozone generator.

1. Sanitization

In addition to being a sanitizer, ozone can also eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Molecular oxygen causes an oxidative burst, which attacks bacterial and viral cell walls. A surface that comes into contact with ozone is also sanitized. Biological and chemical odors are both eliminated.

2. Deodorization

Ozone can remove tobacco odor, smoke odor, pet odor, mildew odor and mold odor and can eliminate these odors permanently. In order to eliminate pet odors, ozone treatments are far more effective than sprays and solutions.

3. Allergen Elimination

Besides dust mites, pollen and mold spores, ozone can also eliminate allergens like dust mites and pollen. In addition to traveling through your HVAC system, ozone can kill allergens trapped in your air duct system.

4. Chemical Pollutants

VOCs are vapors or gasses created from organic compounds that pollute your indoor air. The air can be treated with ozone to eliminate VOCs such as benzene, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, etc. Smoke clings to surfaces such as walls and ceilings, and VOC molecules are spread throughout your home’s air. By destroying VOCs, Ozone is capable of removing smoke chemicals from your walls and surfaces.

5. Mold Remediation

Mold spores become airborne when mold grows in your home. The musty smell of mold and mildew can also worsen asthma attacks and other respiratory symptoms because these mold spores are in the air you breathe. In mold remediation and removal, ozone is used to kill mold effectively.

Final Words

Your staff and you don’t want to be surrounded by the smell of a dirty kitchen. A grease trap that is periodically maintained will not emit a foul smell unless it has been externally damaged. In order to protect your business from the grease trap odor, it is recommended that you use an ozone generator.

Other than commercial use, you can use ozone generator if you want to get rid of odors coming from grease traps of your home. Find best ozone generators for commercial and home use here.

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