Ozone For Wood Workshop
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The Ultimate Guide To Using Ozone For Wood Workshop

Having an air purifier in any woodshop is a great idea for professionals as well as hobbyists. Woodshops can be dusty and the products you might use can be harmful to inhale, especially if you work there for a long time. A good air sterilization will make your wood shop a more enjoyable place for you, your equipment, and even your projects!

The air purifier we are referring to is not the same thing as a dust collector that you may be familiar with, have at some point used, or have at least seen in a woodshop at some point! The air purifier that we are talking about is called ozone generator and it is far more focused on your health than any dust collection system out there. 

Ozone For Wood Workshop

Ozone Generator For Wood Workshop

Ozone generator is a machine that exists solely to filter certain elements from the air of the room it is placed in. There are many types of ozone generators available, but the focus here is on how an ozone generator can benefit your wood workshop.

Despite the dust collector in your shop, you still have dust in every corner. Yes, an ozone generator will still help with dust, but removing dust isn’t the core purpose of ozone generator. Okay, so what’s the point of getting an ozone generator in your shop if it isn’t for the dust?

I am sure most of you have balked at the smell of a chemical at one point or another. Perhaps it was when you just got a new chemical, or when you were first starting out woodworking. After using it for a while, you’ve probably gotten to the point that it doesn’t bother you anymore.

And what’s the point of worrying about something that doesn’t phase you?

Well, there are kind of toxic chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in just about every chemical out there. That’s why most chemicals you’re using will state to apply them outside, even though many of us ignore those instructions.

Since VOCs are gases, simple dust collection isn’t sufficient for dealing with them.  

In contrast to HEPA filters and dust collectors, ozone generators are designed to remove toxins from the air, including radon and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Ozone generators are also useful for eliminating odors in woodshops. Let’s face it, we don’t always know when something smells bad, and woodshops can occasionally stink. Using an ozone generator, your guests and customers will not have to worry about any unpleasant odors lingering around.

How is an Ozone Generator Good for Woodshop Equipment?

Ozone For Wood Workshop

It’s likely that there’s still a lot of sawdust in your woodshop even if you have a dust collection system. Tools are built to be subjected to abuse, but allowing the dust to remain on them could shorten their life expectancy.

Sawdust can collect moisture and retain it, which can lead to rusting of your equipment.

In addition to this, electronics can sometimes work erratically, and fine sawdust has a way of getting in places it shouldn’t go. That sawdust could have a negative impact on your electronics.

Any person who has worked with wood knows how sawdust tends to get everywhere. An ozone generator can improve the air quality and help to reduce the amount of dust remaining on your tools.

You will still be required to clean your equipment, but the air quality in your shop should be improved noticeably.

How Does an Ozone Generator Make Woodshop’s Air Healthier?

Ozone For Wood Workshop

Purifiers contribute to a higher level of air quality in the rooms they are in. A higher level of air quality can contribute to better health, which in turn can lead to living a longer life.

A lot of stains and varnishes are full of VOCs. Woodworking shops require air purifiers to remove airborne particles and gases, which can be detrimental to health. People with allergies benefit the most from air purifiers because they are able to improve the air quality in these places.

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Because we are talking about woodshops, I can say there are airborne particles in the air that can tear up our lungs as well. An ozone generator can help catch these harmful particles before they are breathed in.

Nonetheless, that’s not much of a surprise, since dust collectors can accomplish that as well. However, dust collectors cannot remove VOCs.

Compounds that are commonly found in man-made environments are known as VOCs, and these compounds often release carbon dioxide into the air after a certain period of time.

The term VOC can refer to a wide variety of compounds, and some of them are more harmful than others. The term VOC can refer to both short- and long-term health issues, depending on the specific VOC.

Every day, people are exposed to a number of different VOCs, from the varnishes, stains, glues, and other products they use daily. Woodworkers may have been exposed to the most VOCs in their daily lives, thanks to all the varnishes, stains, glues, and other materials they use.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, VOC levels in our homes can be ten times higher than outside. Also, think about how you use so many chemicals on your projects. Some of these chemicals contain VOCs that can be very toxic. Imagine how high the levels of VOCs are in your woodshop!

Bottom Line

Considering all these factors, it is important to get rid of VOC problem in your wood workshop and you can efficiently achieve this using an ozone generator machine.

Now that you understand the benefits of ozone generator for wood workshop. You can now select the right ozone equipment according to your requirements hereContact us today and find out how ozone generators can help you out.

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