Ozone For Fruit  Decay Prevention
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The Ultimate Guide To Using Ozone For Fruit Decay Prevention

When exposed to ozone, fruit is protected for weeks from decay. Ozone has been discovered to be responsible for prolonging the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. Certain proteins are present in plants that are exposed to environmental stresses such as wounds, droughts, or extreme temperatures.

Ozone For Fruit  Decay Prevention

Microorganisms are successfully eliminated with ozone, as ozone is the proven and powerful way to eliminate microorganisms. Products and equipment used in food processing industries can be treated with it to prevent biological growth of unwanted organisms. Because of its ability to completely eliminate microorganisms without adding chemical byproducts to the food being treated, food processing water, or atmosphere in which food is stored, ozone generator’s leading technology is ideal for the food industry. Fruits treated with ozone return to oxygen without harming the environment or altering the taste.

Ozone for Fruit Decay Prevention

For fruit treatment, ozone can be used as a disinfectant to control the growth of organisms. Ozone is especially suitable to treating microorganisms in the food industry, since it disinfects without adding harmful chemicals to the food or the water in which it is being processed or the air in which it is being stored.

As an antimicrobial agent, ozone has been approved by both the USDA and FDA for use in food processing and is now a cost-effective way to disinfect food. Apply ozone to stored foods to destroy pathogens at unprecedented levels.

There is an increasing demand for convenient packaging of high-quality products. We must find a way to get there, while remaining profitable and sustainable. Changing the way precut products are processed improves their shelf life and appearance. Ozone generators provide the solution. Unlike traditional methods that leave chemical residues, ozone disinfection leaves no bad smell or taste behind.

The atoms of oxygen that make up ozone are highly effective in disinfecting. Ozone is 1.5 times more potent and 3000 times more reactive than chlorine as an oxidizer.

Ozonated Water for Food


Natural sanitizer and purifier, ozone is considered the perfect medium for microbes. When lightning strikes, ozone is created, which is a condensed form of oxygen. Water changes into pure, fresh oxygen when the extra atom is introduced into it. In order to have active antibacterial benefits, ozone has to be generated at the site. Afterward, the ozone returns to oxygen within minutes. Commercial ozone water treatment units can help you get ozonated water, which can be used for fruit cleaning.

A food-rinsing system with ozone kills microbiological pathogens and oxidizes chemical contaminants on fruit, vegetables, fish, and poultry, thereby extending the shelf life of the product. Using cold water to clean sinks, utensils, cutting boards, meat trays, and other areas where food is prepared helps kill bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli. In its active form, ozone is capable of killing all kinds of bacteria, viruses, yeast, molds, and mildew while eliminating them on exposed surfaces. It is even effective as a mouth rinse because it can kill harmful germs and bacteria.

Food has been treated, stored and processed with ozone as an antimicrobial agent for several years now. The food processing industry is increasingly using ozone.

Currently, many systems are available for residential use, for use with commercial ice machines, and for restaurants, food service, and related industries. Recreational vehicles, boats, and campers can also be equipped with the systems.

Installing and maintaining ozone systems is simple. There is no need for chemicals to be replaced. These units are designed to be placed under or on top of a counter and can produce up to one gallon per minute with a simple connection to the water source. Low temperature, high output, 15-volt DC ozone generators power the units.

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As ozone water treatment expands in all categories, the market will grow. The chemical-free nature of ozone systems is especially attractive to better educated, more affluent customers. Ozone systems require little maintenance and don’t require any chemicals. The state-of-the-art nature of ozone appeals to some potential customers. The most important thing to remember about ozone is that it will keep fruits from being contaminated, thus safeguarding consumer health.

The use of ozone to treat water at home and in the workplace is the wave of the future, especially since it is chemical-free. Water treatment professionals and their customers should consider it as the treatment of choice.

An ozone water purification system is set to become a staple kitchen appliance with the growing concern for pure drinking water and safer food products. As it becomes more commonplace, it will join your regular garbage disposal, microwave, smoke alarm, and security system.

Water sterilization and purification will likely become even more necessary. In the meantime, consumers can enjoy great-tasting water and stay germ-free with ozone water treatment systems.

All things considered, the ozone treatment provides you with the to prevent the fruit decay effectively.  The following section covers some more benefits of using an ozone generator machine.

Extended Benefits of Ozone

Ozone For Fruit  Decay Prevention
  • Without altering tastes or appearances of the produce, ozone works as a perfect disinfectant.
  • It’s better than chlorination to use ozone for taste and appearance.
  • The impact of ozone on bacteria counts in wash water and on the surface of produce ensures the longer shelf life.
  • Water usage is reduced since ozone keeps wash water cleaner longer.
  • In wash water and on produce, ozone treatments destroy pesticides and chemical residues.
  • Eliminate THMs and other chlorinated byproducts from a process.
  • By increasing ozone levels, the threat of pathogen cross-contamination is reduced.
  • As well as reducing water usage, ozone leaves no chemical residues when rinsed.
  • When ozone is used for waste water disposal, it can reduce contamination in discharge waters, which ensures lower disposal costs.
  • Organic food production and processing can be performed with ozone, since it is natural and chemical free.

Bottom Line

By using the ozone equipment introduced by Ozongenerators, you can effectively prevent fruit decay problem. Moreover, it can help you with reducing water consumption, eliminate mold and bacteria, and minimize the loss of product for longer life.

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