Ozone For Used Car Odor

The Simple Solution OF Ozone For Used Car Odor

Whether you’re buying a used car or selling one, odors can be an issue. Strange smells in a vehicle can be caused by a number of factors. You need to find out what is causing the smell in order to eliminate it. As a result of sitting in the sun, cars and trucks heat up. Drivers and passengers also track moisture into the vehicle. Those who smoke will be able to eliminate different sorts of odors from car using the ozone generator machine.

Ozone For Used Car Odor

If you own auto shop, your customers find it difficult to buy a used car. Finding a car that fits their needs can take them hours of research. Your customers may discover unexpected surprises when they drive their new car, such as malodors. Carwash customers may be disappointed by odors after purchasing a used car, but you can take advantage of that as a business opportunity. In cases where customers fail to remove used car odors on their own, they will turn to professionals.

What Is Ozone Treatment?

Ozone treatment involves removing odors, bacteria, and viruses with the gas ozone (O3). In order to remove smoke odors from your vehicle, your detailer will place an ozone generator in the vehicle for an appropriate period of time. By permeating your car with gas, your car will be odorless, no bacteria will be present, no viruses will exist. The most effective way to eliminate stubborn odors is with ozone treatments. Having the properties of a gas, this liquid can reach inside vents, far under seats, saturate upholstery fibers, and cling to all the places you cannot.

How Does Ozone Work?

ozone cleaning

The world’s strongest sterilant is ozone. By oxidizing molecules, ozone breaks them down. The unstable molecule O3 will destroy any other molecules it comes in contact with when it oxidizes them. A virus or bacteria cannot survive in the presence of ozone, since ozone breaks the cell wall down at a molecular level, destroying the cell completely.

When Should I Get An Ozone Treatment?

It is depends on the usage of your vehicle. You may need the ozone treatment in your car weekly or monthly. In case you have purchases a used car, your vehicle will be equipped with a generator for as long as necessary to remove odors. Ozone odors can be permanently removed if you remove the source of the smell. Before getting an ozone treatment, you should thoroughly clean your car. Any smell must be dealt with at its source. You should also take care of the source of dampness if mildew is present.

Ozone Effectiveness For Smelly Cars

Ozone For Used Car Odor

It is not easy to remove the smell of tobacco smoke from a vehicle. However, ozone treatment can help you with that. Any phenol gasses that remain will be completely oxidized by ozone, eliminating the smell. Rather than masking or filtering, using the ozone machine, the odor has been destroyed, not masked.

After your vehicle has been treated with ozone, the gas will dissipate within half an hour, so there is no risk of exposure.  

Treatment Process

Preparing the car is the first step. The car must be completely clean in order for the ozone to work. You should vacuum your seats and wipe down all hard surfaces thoroughly before using the ozone to kill bacteria.

If you have papers in your glove box, be sure to remove them, and if your spare tire is inside your car, make sure it is removed so not to be damaged by ozone.

The next step is to set up the generator. Roll the window up and lock the generator in place by holding the generator at the top of the door frame. You can lock the tube in place in the window by rolling the window partially up and sticking the other end of the tube in the window.

Moving forward, block the rest of the open window. Cut out the remaining part of the window with cardboard. By blocking the window, we will prevent outside air from getting into the room and disturbing the ozone. Glue the cardboard or tube to the window using duct tape if necessary.

Set the cabin air circulating with fans. The source of air can be controlled with climate control. Outside air can be pumped into the cabin, or air can be circulated inside.

During this task, you will set the cabin air compressor to circulate the air. In this way, ozone is drawn into the vents to prevent them from clogging up. Increase the speed of the fans, too.

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Next, you should start the engine and run the generator. This will take about 30 minutes. Once the ozone generator starts working, set a timer.

When using the generator, be sure to keep people and animals away from the car. Some generators can also output a high or a low power level. Be sure to set it appropriately.

Turn the generator off after 30 minutes and open all the doors for a few minutes to let the car air out.  

The generator can be run for an additional 30 minutes if the smell persists. You should get the right ozone machine according to your needs. You can find out top ozone generators for car odor removal here.

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Final Words

Unwanted odors in the car’s interior are one of the biggest problems you’ll encounter when purchasing a used car. Especially when an odor has become ingrained into the fabric, it can be difficult to remove. Shampooing the fabric may work sometimes, but may not reach the source of the odor, as it may not penetrate deep enough.

The ozone generators are a good solution in this case. In an ozone generator, O3 will be pumped into the interior of the car, where it will saturate the fabric as well as other interior components, killing the bacteria that cause the odor. The shock treatment can also remove cigarette smoke odors and mildew smells caused by water damage.

You can run the ozone generator for thirty minutes at a time for this job, so you need to keep the vehicle outdoors where it can get plenty of fresh air. In order to avoid running out of gas, make sure you have enough gas in your car. It is also important that the weather be good so the ozone generator will not be damaged by rain.

You can start by checking out our best ozone generators that can help you out with used car odor removal. Also, let us know if you still have any queries about use of ozone for odor removal. Our support team would love to help you out.

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