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Kinds Of Odors At home!

Do you know what kinds of bad smells at your home? I guess you may know several, such as pet, kitchen and so on. Now there are some tips for your reference: Pet odors: Many people like pets and adopt them. But they have many bad smells and bacterias, such as pet dander, pet dander…

Disinfection | Water Purification

Why To Add Ozone To Water?

Many ozone was added to water, do you know reason of it? Because of its excellent disinfection and oxidation qualities, ozone is widely used for drinking water treatment. It have these functions at water purification process:1.Remove organic and inorganic matter and micro-pollutantsOzone is the same as othe oxidant, it is difficult to get the oxidation…


Why Use Ozonated Water?

When you drink ozonated water, you will get these benefits!1. Biological Benefits Ozonated water is clean, fresh taste. And it can kill bacteria and viruses.Ozone decomposition produces an oxygen cell, it can enter the blood and eliminates impurities. Single oxygen cells introduced into the immune system makes it stronger and better able to fight infections….


Ozonated Water Dangerous!

Ozonated water has many fantastic benefits for your body, but there are risks to consider to make sure the procedure is done properly and safely.  If you inhale too much ozone, it will cause harm to your body. You will have these symptom, It can cause the tissues of eyes, lungs, nose, sinuses, and throat,…

Clean Sterilization

How To Use Ozone To Clean Vegetables?

When you buy fresh vegetales from supermarket, you must wash the food items in clean water. But do you know that you may be serving your family contaminated food items even without knowing? And you need to know that washing the vegetables in plain water doesn t remove pesticides from vegetables. Then you can use ozone…

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Bacteria and Viruses in drinking water!

Unpurified drinking water contains many viral bacteria. Sush as:1.Legionella: It found naturally in the environment typically in warm water. When you inhale this virus, you may get pneumonia. 2.Enteroviruses: It include polioviruses, echoviruses and coxsackieviruses. It may cause gastrointestinal disease. 3.Coliforms:It lives in naturally environment and will cause short-term health effects. Mainly symptom include cramps,…

Water Purification

How do you treat water at home?

When you have to purify water at home, you can use these methods!1. BoilingThis is a simple and reliable way to purify water. You need only to boil the water, high temperature can kill bacteria in water. Maybe you need spend a while on boiling.2.  Lodine Solution, Tablets Or Crystals This is an effective and…

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What are the ways of water disinfection?

There are some ways of water disinfection, you have to know!Chemical methods of sterilization: 1.Ozone seterilization of water: Ozone is a highly effective sterilization chemical for water. It can kill the bacterial in water quickly and it has effective inactivation activities on giardia or cryptosporidium which is not possible by some others chemicals.  2.Hydrogen peroxide…