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Ozonated Water To Clean!

When you buy fresh vegetales from supermarket, you must wash the food items in clean water. But do you know that you may be serving your family contaminated food items even without knowing? And you need to know that washing the vegetables in plain water doesn t remove pesticides from vegetables. Now many laundry room use…

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Why Ozone Can Treat water?

Many people know that purified water can use chemical products, such as chlorine, fluorine, etc. So Why can ozone be used instead of chemicals for water treatment? Ozone is the most powerful oxidising agent permitted for use at this time.It can oxidizes organic matter on the bacterial membrane, thereby weakening the cell wall, causing the…

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ozone Teatment Water!

In modern technology, ozone has been widely used in water treatment.At the same time, many questions have also been discovered. At first, advantages:1.It has strong oxidizing power and kill bacteria within a few seconds.2.Will not leave any smell.3. Requirements no chemical but it can oxidizes iron and manganese, then provides oxygeb to yhe ozonated water.In…

Clean Sterilization

Use Ozonated Water To Clean Vegetables!

Washing produce before consuming it provides many health benefits, like removing bacteria. You can clean vegetables with tap water, then use towel or paper to rub them, but introducing ozone can provide an added layer of security. There are some benefits by ozonated water:It can help keep produce fresh, you can fill the ozone with…

Odor Remove

Odor Removal For Pet!

Pets such as cats and dogs that go out to play outdoors may also cause jumping mites, etc. These parasites can also bite humans and spread diseases. For example, Lyme disease, which can be transmitted by ticks, can also affect fetal health, but the market There are also a lot of very effective insecticides that…


Why Use Ozonated Water?

When you drink ozonated water, you will get these benefits!1. Biological Benefits Ozonated water is clean, fresh taste. And it can kill bacteria and viruses.Ozone decomposition produces an oxygen cell, it can enter the blood and eliminates impurities. Single oxygen cells introduced into the immune system makes it stronger and better able to fight infections….