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Kinds Of Odors At home!

Do you know what kinds of bad smells at your home? I guess you may know several´╝î such as pet, kitchen and so on. Now there are some tips for your reference: Pet odors: Many people like pets and adopt them. But they have many bad smells and bacterias, such as pet dander, pet dander…

Clean Sterilization

Cleaning Vegetables And Fruits To Keep Fresh And Extend Shelf Life!

Do you know benefits of ozonated water to clean vegetables and fruits? Ozone treatment provides direct qualityimprovements to fruits and vegetables. At first, it can reduce cost to the grower, waht’s more, using ozone water to clean can destroychlorine byproducts, pesticides, and toxic organic compounds in the ozone water without leavingtoxic residues on the produce and…