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Still Worried About Laundry? Let’s Go To See!

Has ozone been used in laundry before? Maybe you don’t know it has been used for many years. Such as hospital, hotel, and sports centers have used ozone to clean their laundry. They often use ozone to clean their equipments to provent against viruses, mold, and bacteria that can easily spread through the laundry process. Due to they have too many clothes and device need to clean, they use commercial ozone laundry systems that cost thousands of dollars. And you can put it into your laundry, it can save many cost.
So why shouldn’t we wash with detergents? In the traditional laundry processm we used many hot water and detergents to clean clothes, but you never know they can’t kill bacteria and viruses and they can damage your clohes.  Finally, these detergent chemicals build up and remain in your clothing and the wash water, making them your laundry unhealthy for you and the environment.
Is ozone safe for people? Ozone is an organic molecule, when it finishes working, it degrades and returns to oxygen. And will not leave any harmful Substance, it will leave about 20 minutes. Even if you were to come into contact with the ozone-infused water, you have no need for concern.

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