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Some things you can do and never do with ozone!

Ozone is a pungent gas. It  Ozone is a pungent gas. It is the interaction of the sun s UV rays and the oxygen molecules that leads to the production of ozone gas. It has sharp smell, so ozone must never be used in a room or area where people can breath it.If you want to use it on your family, you can add proper filters.
Ozone can be corrosive. So we do not advise you to use it when you have not installed corrosion-proof things,  It is not ideal for copper piping, galvanized piping and pumps systems that can be greatly affected by ozone s corrosive elements. 
But ozone is very convenient especially in treating odors.
1. You can use it to purify drinking water.

2. It can kill bacteria on surfaces.

3. It can kill bacteria in the mouth.

4. It can clean food.

5. It can fight airborne contaiminants.

6. It can remove odors in laundry.
Ozone gas is a powerful sanitizer and oxidizer and has many uses about the home and office.

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