Water And Air Pollution

Secondary Water Pollution

Water supply method The traditional water supply method uses the pool “pool, water pump and water tank” to jointly supply water, that is, water from the municipal to the pool, using water pump lifting and water tank dispatching flow. Although the scheme can meet the pressure and flow of the water supply, the tap water is put into the pool, so that the original pressure of the tap water is not used, and the power is wasted. The construction of pools and water tanks has also been added to the infrastructure. The non-negative pressure water supply equipment can be directly connected to the water pipe network, the detection device in the vacuum controller and the steady flow compensator to prevent the municipal pipe network from attacking the negative pressure, and the original pressure of the municipal water supply network can be fully utilized. How much difference is made and how much to make up, so that the selection of non-negative pressure water supply equipment is reduced, and the capital contribution is saved. Together, it will not constitute a waste of equipment and power in the process of application.
The traditional water supply method is prone to secondary pollution. Because of the process of water flowing into the pool and the water tank, various impurities and pollutants are easily entered into the water.
Especially in summer, the water quality is very simple and variable, and the water source is seriously polluted. It affects our health. In addition, if the production of the tank water tank and the anti-corrosion data are improperly selected during the construction and construction process, it will directly pollute the water quality. The non-negative pressure water supply equipment is fully enclosed, water and air are not in direct contact, foreign objects and impurities can not enter the pipe network system, ensuring the water quality of the water supply system; together, the equipment itself uses stainless steel quality materials or anti-corrosion disposal, no It will breed algae, and it will arrive without polluting the water quality, meeting our health needs for higher and higher livelihoods.

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