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Remove Bathroom Odor with an Ozone Generator

Many of us are familiar with the smell of the bathrooms. Compared with other rooms, bathroom environment is relatively damp, and there is more traffic than others. So, whether it’s the bathroom in your home or in an office building, keeping it clean is not that easy. But to keep it clean can be done with effort. However, after same effort has been made, you will find it is so difficult to remove bathroom odor completely.

Hazard of Odors

Bathroom odors are usually mixtures of gases such as hydrogen sulfide or ammonia. This rotten egg smell odor isn’t just a sensory nuisance. If it reaches a certain concentration, it will be toxic and can cause some harm to the human body. Symptoms that can result include headache, nausea, choking, tiredness and heart palpitation. In addition to affecting people, bathroom odor can penetrate the equipment. In the long term, it will also cause potential harm to the normal work of the equipment. So, when we sense the smell in a bathroom, we need to look for the causes.

bathroom odor

Causes of Bathroom Odors

How can we deal with bathroom odor problems? In summary, the problem generally arises from the following possibilities:

  1. Water within the P-trap piping under the basin in a bathroom has evaporated. So, odor cannot be stopped from entering from the pipe any longer.
  2. The toilet sewer pipe is deformed or broken.
  3. The sealing material around the toilet is damaged for certain reasons.
  4. In home environment, if there are trees near the bathroom, the growth of their roots may cause the damage to the bathroom plumbing.
  5. There are corners in the bathroom that have not been cleaned.

Any one of these causes will be enough to produce odor in a bathroom.

Why is ozone so effective at removing bathroom odors?

Compared with conventional air purifiers, ozone generators are more efficient and environment-friendly odor eliminators. Ozone is effective against odors because it is highly oxidizing. The ozone molecules produced by an ozone generator will quickly combine with the odor molecules and produce a reaction. This reaction will change the chemical properties of the odor molecules. By doing this, the ozone generator will achieve the goal of eliminating odor in bathrooms from the source. For more knowledge about ozone, you can go to our previous blog: An Introduction of Ozone

bathroom odor

Whether for bathrooms at home or in business environment, you only need to conduct appropriate settings to an ozone generator according to the situation. They will then remove the odor as you wish quickly with ease.

Moreover, after odor removal process, ozone will be changed back into oxygen that we can breathe again. So, the application of an ozone generator can be the most environment-friendly odor removal method you can find today.

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