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Guest Room Purification

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Hotels today should not only focus on labels like high-end, luxury, beauty and comfort. But most importantly, they ought to provide their guests with a healthy and safe environment. For business travelers who go out quite often, hotels will be their second home. In addition to cleanliness and comfort, the environment quality of a hotel and air quality in their guest rooms have also drawn the attention of the potential guests and its owner himself.

When opening the door of a guest room in a hotel, what a guest wants to smell is fresh air. However, a guest room is often closed for a long time until it is reserved. There is hardly any chance for the room to ventilate with fresh air. Indoor odors, humidity, smoke and other pollutants will gather together indoors, and leave no room for fresh and clean air. The basic function of the guest rooms in a hotel determines its poor air circulation state. To make it worse, compared with family rooms, guest rooms have less chance to be exposed to sunlight. So, a relatively higher level of humidity is common in guest room environment, which is the main cause of musty smell in these guest rooms.

The carbon dioxide exhaled from human body is also an important pollutant in hotel rooms. Experiments show that after two people’s sleeping for 8 hours in a closed room, the carbon dioxide content in the air can easily exceed 2000PPM, which creates a very unhealthy environment. In addition, the smell of smoke and sweat cannot be promptly discharged from the hotel room. This might be the cause of serious health problems like asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even reproductive dysplasia. For example, after a guest’s smoking in the room, the air condition will be equivalent to the air in a severe haze day. Its PM2.5 index can easily exceed 300 micrograms/m3.

Fabric carpet is the most commonly used floor covering material in a hotel room. For most cases, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the carpet simply means its surface cleaning and vacuuming. The stains and bacteria scattered deep inside the carpet are impossible to be touched. It’s also one of the reasons why peculiar smell will be smelts the moment a guest opens the door of a room.

Waste water from the toilets in a hotel is another reason why odors are generated in guest rooms. After it is discharged into the sewer pipes, it will be the home of certain microorganisms. Odors will be produced in the reproduction of such microorganisms. Such odors will then come back to the toilets and even the whole guest room space through sewer pipes. Since the source of the odors is within the pipe, they are not easy to get rid of. This will surely affect the guests’ living experience, and then the reputation of the hotel service. Nowadays, a large percentage of guest rooms is reserved online. This makes the reservation quite easy. What is also made easy is the leaving of comments around hotel service. Negative comments about the service are by no means what a hotel owner wants to see. 

So, what can we do to eliminate such unpleasant odors? As we know, the best way to let the odor disappear is to ventilate the room. Opening windows is the most common way of ventilation. However, it is not enough to rely on such short-term ventilation just when the room is cleaned. To install a ventilation fan into the room is a traditional solution. But you should never expect a good effect from that. If there is little air circulation in the room, what the fan can help will also be very little. What’s more, when a ventilation fan is working, noise will be inevitable. This traditional way of ventilation is far from meeting the demands of hotels.

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