Refresh Hotel Rooms

Today’s hotels must not only focus on high-end, luxury, beauty and comfort. But most importantly, provide guests with a healthy and safe environment. For many business travelers who often go out, the hotel is their second hometown. In addition to cleanliness and comfort, the quality of the hotel environment and the air quality in the rooms have also become the focus of attention of the hotel and its guests.

When opening the door of a hotel room, guests want to smell fresh. However, most rooms are often closed for a long period of time and have poor ventilation. Indoor odors, humidity, smoke and other pollutants will gather indoors. There is not enough fresh and clean air. The structure and characteristics of the hotel determine that it cannot be transparent from north to south. The long-term closed environment makes the indoor air basically in a state of zero circulation. In addition, the humidity is high and a musty smell is easily generated.

The carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body is also an important pollutant in hotel rooms. If two people sleep for 8 hours in a closed room, the carbon dioxide content in the air can easily exceed 2000PPM, which is a very unhealthy environment. In addition, the smell of smoke and sweat cannot be discharged in the hotel room, causing serious problems. For example, after a guest smokes in the room, the air in the room is equivalent to the air in a severe haze day, and PM2.5 easily exceeds 300 micrograms/m3.

The interior floor of the hotel room is mainly carpet, and the room personnel continue to come and go. The daily cleaning and maintenance of the carpet is mainly based on cleaning and vacuuming. The stains and bacteria scattered on the carpet for a long time are difficult to effectively clean up. It’s also one of the reasons why many residents smell peculiar smell as soon as they open the door.

There is also a hard-hit area where odors are generated, that is, guest rooms and toilets. After the odor of urine and urine and urine are discharged into the sewer pipe, it flows directly or adheres to the pipe wall, which becomes the breeding source of certain microorganisms. In the process of breeding and reproduction, odors are produced, which volatilize into the air through toilets, etc., forming odors that are difficult to eliminate and spread to the room at the same time. Such an environment greatly reduces the reputation of the hotel and also seriously affects the guest’s staying experience.

If guests leave bad reviews due to the smell in the room. This will affect the choices of all prospective travelers in the future. On the contrary, if a hotel takes the initiative to create a healthy and comfortable environment for its guests. Let guests enjoy a warm and safe residence at home. So this hotel obviously has an immeasurable advantage in the market today.

So, how does the hotel eliminate odors? As we all know, the best way to let the odor disappear indoors is to ventilate. Opening windows is our usual way of ventilation, but it is not enough to rely on hotel cleaners for short-term ventilation when cleaning the room. When the windows are opened for ventilation, outdoor noise will affect the sleep of guests. Therefore, it is impractical to open the window for a long time. The traditional indoor ventilation method is to install a ventilation fan. But the effect is very small, not only the noise is loud, but also because the guest room panel is yellow, it will affect the appearance. This traditional way of ventilation is far from meeting the needs of hotels.

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