Product: SO-QB10G Ozongenerator

  • HIGH OZONE CONCENTRATION: This model super high ozone concentration can produce 1000mg/h ozone output, suitable for use in household, office,  It can quickly disinfect and sterilize, remove the odor
  • CONVENIENT TIMER: Special timer function, set the work easy to use, Can be set according to your needs
  • LARGER FAN: Use a large fan with an air volume of 90cfm, which can quickly disinfect and sterilize the space.
  • HIGH-QUALITY OZONE PLATE: Used quartz ozone tube, with a long service life of more than 10000H

Additional information

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Product Information

Operating Instructions

1. Close all exterior doors and windows in the area to be purified.
2. Ensure that indoor doors (such as bathroom and closet doors) are open.
3. Set a timer to allow ozone to circulate in the space.
4. Ensure that all households and pets have left.
5. When returning, make sure the timer dial is in the “off” position.
6. After closing, please wait for 1 to 2 hours before reusing the space, or opening the external doors and windows when reentering.

Product Manual

SO-QB20G is specially designed for smaller spaces, such as cars, hotel rooms and other spaces that can be handled in a short time. This model has a 60-minute timer, and it will automatically shut down after purifying the air.Good choices for cars, trucks, rental cars, hotels and rooms, small offices, cruise ship cabins and boats.

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