Product: SO-P10G Ozongenerator

  • POWERFUL ODOR ELIMINATION: The high ozone concentration can quickly purify the air quality in the space.
  • ADJUSTABLE TIMER: 60Min adjustable timer knob, you can set the working time according to the space you use.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Mini size 20*15.5*20cm, Weight: 2.5kg, yellow spray paint shell. Can be placed anywhere in the home. ozongenerator can easily use it in rooms, cars, boats, basements, pet nests, storage rooms, and so on
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE: The stainless steel ceramic ozone plate of special material is used, which has a service life of more than 10000 hours.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions40 × 25 × 23 cm


Input Voltage


Ozone production


Product Information

SO-P10G Ozongenerator

Good appearance and good quality

Keep Improving


• offices

• hotels

• cars

• pet nests



Home Ozongenerators

SO-P10G Ozongenerator

Powerful Ozone Outlet: It can produce an ozone concentration of 200 mg/h. Suitable for use in space as large as 100 square meters.

Easy to Use: It can be turned on and off remotely just by using the remote control. Three gears can be adjusted and can be turned on for 24 hours.

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