Product: Ozone Water Generator 5.0-8.0PPM

  • This ozone water generator can produce 5~8ppm high concentration ozone water. Suitable for fruit and vegetable washing in restaurants, farms, factories, etc.
  • Convenient to use: This ozone water generator can be used by simple pipe connection work.
  • High concentration: Built-in ozone generator and air pump to produce high concentration of ozone water.
  • Anti-oxidation material: Stainless steel shell to prevent corrosion and oxidation.

Additional information

Weight14 kg

304 Stainless Steel



Ozone Concentration




Product Information

Ozone Water Generator 5.0-8.0PPM




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• canteen kitchen

• farms

• boats

• manufacturing plant


Canteen Kitchen

Industry Ozongenerators

Ozone Water Generator 5.0-8.0PPM

1. 5.0-8.0 PPM high concentration ozonated water.
2. Built-in PSA oxygen concentrator.
3. Built-in air compressor.
4. Built-in air dryer to extend the lifespan.
5. Built-in Venturi to dissolve the ozone in the water.
6. Built-in water pressure sensor to work automatically.
7. Easy Installation & Operation.

Detailed Data

Ozone output: 5000mg/H
Type: Tap water
Water pressure: >3.0 Bar
Temperature: 5-30 degree
Ozonated water flow: 200 L-1200 L/Hour
Ozonated water concentration: 5.0-8.0 PP (Inlet water temperature: 15℃; Ambient temperature: 20 ℃; Inlet water quality:< 500micros/cm)
Rated power: 350W;
Voltage: 220V; 50/60Hz
Unit size: L410 x W 155 x H355MM
Net weight: 14 KGS

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