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Product: 60g/h Ozone Sterilization Machine for Hotels and Warehouses

Function of Ozone:

Ozone can effectively eliminate the smell of smoke, disinfect and kill bacteria, which can be used in the bathroom, pet shops, offices, smoking area, hotel room, living rooms, bedrooms, warehouses, etc.

Powerful Ozone Output:

It can produce an ozone concentration at 60 g/h. It is suitable for large space sterilization up to 200 square meters.

Easy to use:

Set working hours as needed. After the sterilization process, the space should be left unoccupied for at least half an hour for the evaporation of ozone.

Additional information

Input Voltage








Ozone Production


Product Information

60000mg Ozone Dsinfection Machine




Keep Improving


• warehouses

• cold rooms

• boats

• basements



Industry Ozongenerators

60000mg Ozone Dsinfection Machine

Ozone can effectively eliminate the smell of smoke, disinfect and kill bacteria, and is used in the bathroom. pet Shop. office. Smoking area, hotel room, living room, bedroom, warehouse, etc.

It can produce 60,000 mg of ozone concentration, the largest area is suitable for use in a space of 6000 mm

Set working hours as needed. During use, avoid people and animals entering the space, wait for half an hour after use, and then enter the room after ozone has evaporated

Attention to details and flexibility…

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