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Product: 5L/h Industrial Oxygen Generator for Factory Use

Power requirement: 220 V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz

Power: 330 W

Standard requirement: Air pressure: 101.3 kpa; Temperature: 20 °C; Humidity: ≤80%

Optimal working environment: Temperature: 5 °C ~ 25 °C; Humidity: ≤ 30% ~ 60%

Working environment: Temperature: 0 °C ~ 35 °C; Humidity: ≤ 85% (additional components must be added when humidity reaches 95%)

Oxygen concentration: ≥90% (the oxygen concentration level after running for 10 minutes)

Output pressure: 0.05 MPa

Oxygen output: 0~5 L/Min

Gas ratio: 1:12-13

Filters adopted: Enclosure inlet filter, oxygen outlet dust filter and compressor inlet filter

Dew point: -20 °C

Protection Measures: Overcurrent protection, compressor over-temperature protection, compressor shutdown function

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5L Industrial Oxygen Generator for Factory Use

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