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200-1000g/h Large Oxygen Source Ozone Machine

  • The machine adopts a honeycomb quartz tube which is significant for long-term and stable operation, high ozone concentration, long service life, and not easy to scale.
  • It has an adjustment function for ozone concentration.
  • The shell is made of 304 stainless steel which is anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.
  • The machine can be cleaned easily at a regular basis.
  • The machine adopts dual cooling system (air + water) to ensure the long-term operation of the machine.
  • Adopting automatic intelligent cold tube expansion technology, the machine is capable of the precise control of the expansion degree and tightness of the stainless steel outer electrode and the shell tube plate to prevent potential air or water leakage.
  • The full set of the machine include an external screw air compressor, a refrigeration dryer, a gas storage tank, an oxygen generator, an adsorption dryer and other supporting equipment.

Additional information

Ozone Host Size(cm)


Ozone Production(g/h)


Rated Power(KW)


Work Pressure


Ozone Concentration(mg/L)


Product Information

200G-2000G Large Oxygen Source Ozone Generator




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ozone generator

Product Description

Product NumberLOS-200GLOS-300GLOS-500GLOS-1000G
Ozone Host Size(cm)110*50*140120*60*150120*60*150120*60*160
Ozone Production(g/h)





Rated Power(KW)





Working Voltage/Frequency220V50HZ220V50HZ220V50HZ330V50HZ
Work Pressure≤0.2MPA≤0.2MPA≤0.2MPA≤0.2MPA
Ozone Concentration(mg/L)90-12090-12090-12090-120
Air Flow2.4m3 /H3.6m3 /H6m3 /H12m3 /H
Cooling Water Flow≥25L/min≥30L/min≥40L/min≥50L/min
Use Air SourceAir SourceAir SourceAir SourceAir Source
Cooling MethodOxygen SourceOxygen SourceOxygen SourceOxygen Source



ozone generator

Industry Ozongenerators

200G-2000G Large Oxygen Source Ozone Generator

  • Ozone can degrade organic matter, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and other substances and kill pathogenic bacteria and plankton in water.
  • Ozone can achieve a rapid and efficient killing of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in water.
    Ozone can completely remove pollutants such as organic compounds without causing any secondary pollution.
    Ozone can also realize the bringing down of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), the removal of nitrite, suspended solid particles and decolorization.
  • Ozone can also be applied in sewage treatment, drinking water treatment, bottled water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment as well as water circulation and recycling projects in aquariums and swimming pools.
  • As an oxidant, catalyst and refining solvent, ozone is also widely applied in chemical, petroleum, pulp and paper, textile and essence manufacturing industries.
ozone generator

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