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Product: New 10g/h Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Parts for funk dislodged

1. Product list:

A set of quartz tubes

A set of 50w power

Please tell us what input voltage do you need? 110V or 220V

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2. Features:

For household air purifiers, air purification plants, smoke purifiers, etc.


3. Specifications:

Ozone tube size: 230MM*58MM*79MM

Ozone tube weight: 0.2KG

Cooling method: air cooling

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 5.8 × 7.9 cm

Product Information

Attention to details and flexibility…

We developed a great partnership with Ozongenerators.com. We appreciate their attention to details of the ozone generators and flexibility in the fulfillment of the orders. They did a great job showcasing their products with pictures, video, and thoughtful customer service. It is a credible supplier of ozone generators. We get compliments all the time.

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