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Product: 100mg ~1000mg Mini Ceramic Ozone Plates Manufacturer

Ozone Production:1g/h   Size:  51*34*1mm   Appearence: 6 wires in one, blue encapsulated blue film

Ozone Production: 1g/h   Size:  51*34*1mm  Appearence: Reticulated tin plating

Ozone Production:500mg/h Size:  55*18*0.8mm  Appearence: Double line

Ozone Production:2g/h   Size:  71*34mm   Appearence: 6 wires split

Ozone Production:2g/h   Size:  71*34*1mm   Appearence: 6 wires all in one, green encapsulation blue film

Ozone Production: 500mg/h   Size: 55*15*0.6351mm  Appearence: Loop Line Blue Film

Ozone Production: 800mg/h Size:  69*15*0.635mm  Appearence: Loop Line Blue Film

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