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Product: 1-3ppm Ozone Water Generator for Restaurant Kitchen

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Weight 7 kg



304 Stainless Steel



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1-3ppm Ozone Water Generator for Restaurant Kitchen

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1-3ppm Ozone Water Generator for Restaurant Kitchen

This CE and RoHS certified ozone water generator is especially designed for restaurant and kitchen use. In the machine, ozone gas is mixed with water to produce ozone water for the washing and sterilization needs.

Water with a high concentration of ozone can sterilize food and kitchenware, disinfect hands, floors, wall, tables, etc. It can also be used as cleaning solution for towels and rags. Ozone water can also oxidize and decompose bacteria and insecticide residue from the surface of fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh. Ozone can also neutralize hormones and smells from meat to keep it fresh and extend its shelf life. Tap water can be sterilized by ozone to remove germs, bacteria and residual chlorine.

Medical-add the effectiveness of ozone sterilization without the need for consumable oxygen and convert tap water at any faucet to liquid sanitizer. Increase safety and sanitation everywhere that people use water to wash, bathe or irrigate wounds and incisions;

Laundry- eliminate mold, fungus, bacteria and virus, remove pesticides and herbicides, and decompose petroleum hydrocarbon

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