Pet Deodorization

Ears are often overlooked by the owner, especially the ear canal is full of hair. The owner’s careless enlargement may cause the growth of parasites. These parasites live by eating the secretions produced in the dog’s ears. Parasites After the corpses are piled up, the dog’s ears become smelly. Sometimes the owner smells a stinky odor when the owner approaches the dog. In fact, it is not a bad mouth. Maybe the ears should be cleaned.

The dog’s paw is a place for perspiration, especially in summer, we can see that the dog will step on the ground slightly water marks, in fact, this is the perspiration, but these sweat stains will definitely stick to the hair. Stink will form over time.

In fact, the smell is due to the secretion of the dog’s sebaceous glands. These secretions are decomposed and swallowed by microorganisms, which naturally form an unpleasant taste, and this taste will also undergo temperature changes to produce different changes. Put the dog in a relatively high temperature environment and let it alternately blow the air conditioner. In a few days, the smell on its body will become stronger and stronger. In fact, this is because insects and microorganisms multiply rapidly in the high temperature environment. The pet will evaporate sweat through sweat glands.

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