Ozongenerator For Boat

Ozongenerator For Boat Odor Removal

Various odor problems in boats are often caused by microorganisms that grow in moist environments. However, you can get rid of boat odors using ozone generator for boat. Marine vessels (boats, yachts and cruise ships) as well as recreational vehicles (RVs) have an environment that is constantly moist, so microorganisms are prone to growing and you will find odors developing. You will always smell fresh and clean on your boat with the high-output ozone generators.

Ozongenerator For Boat

What is ozone?

The chemical formula for ozone is O3. People can detect its smell even in concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm, since it is a pale blue gas with a distinctive smell. The Earth’s atmosphere naturally contains low concentrations of ozone due to ultraviolet light and electrical discharges, for instance. At the height of the stratosphere, the ozone layer contains the highest concentration of ozone on Earth, absorbing most of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun.

Ozongenerator For Boat

Also known as an powerful oxidant, ozone can easily dissolve in water and oxidize a wide variety of compounds as well as microbes. Because of its properties, ozone is an ideal way to remove many contaminants or pollutants from the air and water. To learn more about different ozone’s uses and how it works, click here.

From a time and cost perspective, ozone treatment is the most efficient on air and water, and can be applied in a wide range of industries. Additionally, ozone reduces chemical requirements to zero and leaves no potentially harmful byproducts, and is, therefore, the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly treatment technology.

How do our ozone generators generate ozone?

Corona discharge is a patented process that an ozone generator uses. Oxygen molecules break down into charged atoms when they are exposed to a high voltage electrical field, which then reacts with other oxygen molecules and forms ozone. Ozone production is directly related to oxygen concentration. The ozone concentration can be further elevated by reducing the oxygen feed gas flow, but the ozone production will be reduced as a result.

Sanitization of boat using ozone generator

Ozongenerator For Boat

Food and beverages are commonly spilled into hard-to-reach areas in boats, causing microorganisms to grow in the high-moisture environment. Additionally, there is an abundance of smells caused by fish, cooking, pets, bilge, head, tobacco, and body. When using your boat or RV, bad odors can really ruin your experience, as well as reduce its value.

An enclosed area should be treated in order to allow the ozone gas to concentrate and improve the treatment’s effectiveness in removing odors from a boat. Let the ozone gas fill the uninhabited space when the generator is running. To allow ozone to reach all surfaces freely, closets, cabinets, and enclosed spaces should be opened up.

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Before re-entering the space, use a timer to adjust the intensity of the odors. Once the space is “aired out,” you need to set the timer. Unlike oxygen, though, ozone is a gas, which means it will travel to all places where air currents circulate, destroying microorganisms hiding in cracks and crevices and eliminating all odors. This will result in a fresher/cleaner environment for you and your passengers.

To make sure that the ductwork is treated at the same time as the boat, the fan may be turned on in the boat’s thermostat during treatment to circulate the ozone gas throughout the space.

Eventually, the natural scent of wood and other building materials will take over. Ozone leaves a clean, sanitized smell after dissipating. You can prevent persistent odors from taking hold in your boat by regularly treating it. Frequent treatments will greatly reduce the microorganism count. The result will be a safe and clean environment for your family and guests to enjoy.

How to Treat Boat Odors

The solution to removing boat odor is to plug in an ozone generator and place it in the space. Closets, cabinets, and other enclosed areas requiring ozone treatment will need to be opened. If you aren’t leaving the area during treatment, set a timer based on the severity of the odor. Oxidation of boat odors occurs in hard-to-reach areas when the O3 circulates throughout the space. Your guests will now enjoy sailing on a fresh-smelling vessel with a fresh cabin.

In an air-conditioned boat, the fan can be set to OFF to provide circulation and eliminate odors that have been accumulating in the air ducts. An ozone generator can be used for an hour every day if a boat is not used for an extended period to prevent returning of boat odors.

Bottom line

Using the ozone generator to remove boat odor can be easy and will keep boats smelling great for years to come. In many spaces on yachts, cruise ships, and boats, moisture can cause odors to develop. Aside from food spills and drink spills, there are usually fish odors as well as spills from eating and drinking. Smoke residue adheres to the ceiling and other surfaces in the interior due to tobacco fumes. Body odors and sweat are other factors that contribute. A potent combination of both components is created, ensuring that unwanted odors are eradicated from all areas of boat.

Based on your space, you may want to choose a particular ozone generator. If you need help choosing the ideal one for your, you can contact us. Our consultant will help you out.

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