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Ozone Water For Kitchen At Home!

Can ozonated water as main water in kitchen? Of course! It can provide cool and hot water with you. So why use the ozone water in kitchen?
At first, washing fresh produce. What’s more so many use in the kitchen: Clean baby items, such as bottles, cups, pacifiers and toys. Of couse you can use chemical to clean them, but you should know it will leave behind residue. If you baby put the toys in their mouth, baby may be hurt. Clean rags in ozone water and wipe down the table and countertops. Not only keep your kitchen cleaner, longer, but also keep the rags clean! Food goes bad because of bacteria on the surface.Wash your fruits/vegetables/meat in ozone water, let it drip dry, then put them back in the fridge. They will be extended shelf life. When you cooking, your hands maybe have smell of garlic, onions and smoke, you can wash your hands in ozone water to remove these smelly.
Many use in kitchen you can understand it, maybe it can help you get more health!

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