Ozone For Commercial Grow Rooms
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Ozone For Commercial Grow Rooms

Previous articles have discussed how ozone generators can be used for a variety of different applications and industries. In this post we will illustrate the use of ozone for commercial grow rooms.

Ozone For Commercial Grow Rooms

Ozone has been used for decades in homes and industries, but translating its many benefits into a growing operation is a little more complicated. However, ozone generators have made this possible with its innovative technology. A common feature in large commercial grow rooms is the ozone generator, which is becoming more affordable. Crops can be saved from mold, predators can be defeated, oxygenated root zones can be oxygenated, equipment can be sterilized, grow rooms can be disinfected, and more can be achieved through ozone generators.

Commercial grow room is a facility where a variety of plants are cultivated for as long as is necessary to achieve the appropriate size and condition for sale. The action of ozone can solve a number of problems in agronomic plants because of the many variables that are involved.

How does ozone work in plants?

Ozone For Commercial Grow Rooms

A component of rainwater is Hydrogen Peroxide, formed when Ozone (O3) reacts with water vapor. Rainwater can be more effective at irrigating plants than irrigation with groundwater.

These roots contain anaerobic bacteria that transform the minerals in the soil so that the plants can absorb them. The plants could not survive without these bacteria. These bacteria will receive more oxygen when exposed to ozonized water, and as a result, will utilize more nutrients. They will also be more resilient to pests as well as diseases, and will produce stronger stems, leaves, and flowers without use of pesticides.

It is possible to eliminate mites, aphids, and many other pests that would otherwise negatively affect a plantation thanks to the action of ozonized water. Hence, any garden center that is worth its salt should install an ozone generator.

Ozongenrators installs the right equipment for each installation using the best existing techniques. Due to our ozone generator, we are able to reuse wastewater from different discharges to water the plants in the garden centers and botanical gardens in a proper manner, thanks to the reuse, management, and disinfection of water.

Plants can avoid diseases when exposed to ozone. In the short, medium, and long term, irrigation water can cause a disaster due to the presence of pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

Ozonated Water

Ozonation of water is possible through a generator that has a tube and airstone option. With this method, you can disinfect a hydroponic system while your plants are still in place, ensuring your root zone stays healthy.

Using ozonated water as opposed to fresh air is a much safer option. In water, ozone dissolves quickly and attaches itself to any pathogen and kills it instantly as it does in the air. Relatively little oxygen is released into the water as a by-product. The ozone actually begins to absorb into the water as well after all the pathogens are gone, so its power can be harnessed.

Use a 400 mg ozone generator to ozonate the water for around two minutes per liter. Put the air stone in the bottom of the water container. Do this outside if possible so that you don’t breathe ozone. The water should be used immediately since the ozone starts to break down into oxygen in 30 minutes. Ozone-treated water can be used for many things, including:

It will kill spores, rust spots, fungi, powdery mildew, and bud rot directly on your plants. Because there are no chemicals, it can be used at any time during flowering.

The cuttings should be immediately dipped into the solution for 30 seconds to sterilize them before being dipped in the rooting hormone. This greatly increases rooting success.

You should sterilize anything that goes near your drippers, pumps, connectors, plants, including pots, syringes, pipettes, meters, and anything else that could affect them for one minute.

Add it directly to the rhizosphere to provide a massive oxygen boost and disinfect the soil.

Before running through the system with a fresh nutrient solution, ozonate it thoroughly. This disinfects the system and gives the plants a boost of oxygen.

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Water ozonated with oxygen is more forgiving for mistakes than air ozonated with oxygen. It’s safe to handle, and it can be helpful to people with skin issues since it keeps the skin sterile. Organic nutrients and supplements cannot be ingested in freshly ozonated solution, as the ozone will kill any beneficial bacteria, including Trichoderma. You can’t use freshly ozonated water if your supplement is incompatible with liquid oxygen. The ozone in water only remains active for 45 minutes before it turns into oxygen again, so if you wait an hour or two after the ozone is used, you can still add organics to your system.

Bottom line

After the implementation of ozone generator in grow rooms, plants show a positive response to ozonized water, which can be seen with the naked eye. The robustness, beauty and freshness that indoor plants acquire, as a result of the ozonizer, can be experienced by anyone who has installed an air ozonator in their home.

A simple solution is the key. Since we are supplying them with clean and healthy air, like what they would find in the field, they can grow vigorously and healthy.

Each plant should be thoroughly checked, and if mildew is present, the process should be repeated. If there were already infected plants, you’ll need to discard a few, but the disease will not spread, so your crop will not die. During a week, thoroughly examine your plants for mold, and if anything, new appears, repeat the process.

Our ozone generators can help your commercial grow room improve its results. Contact us for more information.

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