Ozone In Car Wash

Ozone In Car Wash – Here Is What You Should Know

The use of ozone in car wash can help you reduce costs and use of chemicals in car washes as well as it makes water recycling possible. Due to the economic and environmental benefits, car wash installations are increasingly reusing water. But there is a risk that water may contain microbiological pathogens. By treating the water with ozone, pathogens can be eliminated and problems associated with them can be eliminated. Using ozone to disinfect water will eliminate all harmful fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The result is improved economic and environmental performance as the water is recycled more efficiently.

Ozone In Car Wash

Even though ozone is not the only option for cleaning water, it still offers the most benefits for car wash installations due to the fact that it does not corrode paint or chrome like chlorine does.

What is an ozone treatment?

Providing odor removal, disinfection, and destruction of viruses and bacteria, ozone is a natural gas. The air and hard surfaces are sanitized with the ozone effectiveness. By destroying viruses and bacteria on the spot, ozone breaks down their membrane walls. Since it gets into every nook and cranny of an automobile’s interior, it is a useful tool for auto sanitizing rather than the traditional method. 

Due to its gas form, ozone can be blown into your vehicle’s cabin through vents and the air conditioning system. It penetrates all fibers of your car’s carpets and upholstery, underneath the seats, into the headlining and touches all the other parts. A car’s interior can be completely cleaned by using this technique. 

It is stronger than chlorine and kills germs almost instantaneously. Not only does ozone sanitize, but it is also one of the most effective ways to neutralize odors. It destroys cigarette odors, pet odors, and odors from food or drink spills. Most “so called” odor eliminators only mask the bad smells with a more pleasant smell. However, ozone eliminates the source of the odor efficiently. The benefits of using ozone for interior detail are plenty.  The ozone system will provide your car’s interior with a odor-free and safe environment. A germ-free interior is achieved by cleaning and sanitizing beyond what you can see.

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How does ozone work?

Ozone In Car Wash

There is no sterilization solution more powerful than ozone. By oxidizing molecules, ozone destroys them. Oxidation is the process by which an unstable molecule, O3, will destroy another molecule by coming into contact with it. When ozone comes into contact with bacteria and viruses, it breaks them down on a molecular level and destroys them.

When should I get an ozone treatment?

Many car wash services are ozone generator to perform an ozone treatment. UV light or corona discharge based ozone generators are used in the treatment process. Once the source of the smell is removed, ozone odor can be permanently removed. The detailer will scrub your car thoroughly before applying the ozone treatment. The cause of any smell should be addressed as soon as possible. Make sure you have managed the dampness source as well in the case of mildew.

Ozone Treatments cure smelly cars

Ozone In Car Wash

It is not easy to completely remove tobacco smoke odors from a vehicle. The smoke contains an invisible chemical called phenol, which causes irritation of the eyes and respiratory system. Any remaining phenol gas will be completely oxidized by ozone, thus neutralizing the odor. This is because the odor is no longer detectable since the molecules are destroyed instead of masked or filtered.

Your vehicle is not exposed to ozone since it dissipates within half an hour after treatment. Before returning your vehicle to you, your detailer will thoroughly air it out using ozone generator. All things considered , the best way to completely eliminate the smell of smoke is by using an ozone treatment. You will notice that the bad smoke smell will be caused by tar and chemicals that have adhered to your car’s surface due to oxidation. It will neutralize any bad smells originating from smoke in your vehicle, leaving it smelling fresh without using any additional fragrances to mask them.

Will it damage my car interior?

Your car will not be damaged by ozone treatment. Ozone is a gas, so it can seep into all the cracks and crevices of your car, eliminating any odors and bacteria without you having to touch or move anything. Ozone is generated by a generator in your car and then circulated, allowing it to do its work. If the smell is something that can be easily reached and removed, you do need to be concerned. Prior to beginning the treatment, make sure all residues in hard-to-reach places are removed. Car detailing professionals can perform this service as part of the process. To be completely effective, you will also need to address the mold and mildew issue in your car if it is causing odors to persist.

How long does the treatment take?

Your car’s size and the severity of the problem will determine how long the Ozone treatment will take. In order to get the best results from ozone treatment, the odor must be eliminated completely. A neutralization treatment ensures that the odor will not reappear. A treatment for the smell can commence after the source of the smell has been removed.

It may only take an hour or two if the smell is too bad, hasn’t been around for too long, and the source of it has already been taken care of. So the treatment may take much longer if the source of the smell in your car has been present for a considerable period of time.

Bottom Line

In addition to use of ozone in car wash services, ozone generators can also be used of odor removal from car interior. Check out our best ozone generators here.

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