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Ozone Generator For Office Odors: What You Need To Know

Our work can easily be distracted by anything. It takes a practiced mind to stay focused when we’re uncomfortable, our cell phone buzzes, or our stomach rumbles. Distractions aren’t just annoying; they also undermine productivity, which, in turn, reduces profits. Office odor are one type of distraction. In addition to diverting our attention, foul smells at your office may cause employees to become ill or indicate an indoor air quality issue. You’ll be on your way to a more productive, comfortable, and focused office when you use ozone generator for office odors.


What’s That Smell?

Any source of odor can create a bad odor, including trash or popcorn that has been burned in the break room. There are some smells that can be hard to identify, however. A musty odor, for instance, could be the result of mold or mildew in a warmer, moister area of the office. You might smell plastic if your electronics are overheating or your wiring is overloaded. You might be surprised to find out that your office chair is also responsible for the nasty smell in your corner of the office if it has been well used.

It is possible for coffee makers, mugs, and coasters to emit foul odors if they aren’t cleaned properly. If you see mold on mugs, coasters, and coffee makers, don’t hesitate to replace these items.

Sanitize Your Office With Ozone


In the past decade, ozone generators have been used by more and more businesses to eliminate all types of pathogens.  You can routinely sanitize your office or workspace with an ozone generator if you want an effective and cost-efficient process.  You can usually get the job done with a twenty-minute treatment. 

Thanks to the built-in timer on our ozone generator, we can start the process when needed and turn it off after the treatment is finished.  After the facility has been sanitized, everyone in the building is greeted by a light, clean scent the next morning.

The timer is the most important safety feature for an ozone generator out of all its features.   

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The problem with ozone treatment is that it can be over-treated.  Even if you forget or are delayed returning to work, the countdown timer turns the ozone generator off.

A timer also turns off the system for those brief overnight treatments so the ozone has depleted when workers return in the morning. Our ozone generators includes all the important safety features you need.

Common Odor Problems In Office

1. Fresh Paint

The office must maintain a nice appearance, but it does not smell nice sometimes. Paint can linger in the office for quite a while after it has dried, especially if you just painted. There is often a long wait for the smell of paint to go away, perhaps even for weeks.

The smell of paint can be absorbed with an onion or charcoal, according to some people. When working in an office setting, you cannot just wait around for smells to go away because fumes can make customers and employees ill. The best solution however is using the ozone machine.

2. Carpet Smells

Ozone Generator For Office

Your carpet may smell a little funky whether it is fresh (called off-gassing) or old (called lingering odors). The smell is strong even without stains. Over time, they might get worse without treatment.

Air fresheners will not eliminate odors when sprayed on carpets. You can eliminate carpet odor using ozone generators. You can learn more about ozone generators for carpets here.

3. Kitchen Odors

There are times when people’s cooking in the office kitchen seems to persist. In the office, you may continue to smell these smells for days on end. The smell can be overwhelming even when someone merely microwaves something in the kitchen.

Vinegar can be used to combat kitchen odors with time, and it has worked for many people. To solve the problem, you need to find its root. Each appliance is professionally cleaned with ozone generators to eliminate food particles.

4. Musty Air

Your office air stinks, don’t you think? You aren’t the only one. If you are experiencing issues with mold or any other source of odor, you may need to use an ozone generator machine.

Many reasons contribute to the development of smells in offices. Mold, humidity, and fungus can cause a musty smell that can be harmful if not dealt with. In addition to this, there are spilled drinks and food that, even after being cleaned, have never completely disappeared, as well as body odors associated with smoking on the patios. When ozone generators are used, they provide not only a powerful odor eliminator but they also kill bacteria and mold, which causes bad smells. This results in a fresh, healthy work environment and a more positive mood.

As a result of these smells being embedded in carpets and furniture, adhering to the walls and ceilings, and accumulating in the building’s ducts, the building becomes odorous. It is often not enough to clean an office on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

A wide variety of office odors can be effectively eliminated with an ozone generator. You can rely on Ozongenerators to offer you the perfect equipment based on your company’s dimensions and needs to eliminate them and create a purified environment, which not only eliminates odors, but also eliminates the focus of possible contagious diseases.

Ozone fills the entire space when the ozone generator starts. The O3 oxidizes odors on walls, carpets, furniture, and anywhere else that these odors can remain concentrated. Therefore, ozone attacks cellular structures and kills microbes such as mold and fungi.  

Clients and employees feel more well-being in the workspace when there are no traces of smell. A residual perfume or deodorant smell is also not present, which can be irritating to the most sensitive people.

In addition to freeing people from odors, they will also breathe a fresher air, increasing productivity and decreasing sick days. We can provide you with the right equipment to suit your company’s needs.

Contact us if you want us to improve your office environment for the good!

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