Ozone Generator For Casinos

Ozone Generator For Casinos Air Treatment

There are many public places, such as restaurants and hotels, where smoking is prohibited. Since the law is iron, people have become accustomed to smoking outside even though it is against the law. In some places, there is an exception to the law. Casinos, bingo halls, and gambling houses can all be incorporated into this. However, smoke continues to create an unpleasant atmosphere by its odors. A dedicated establishment to the game would benefit from having an ozone generator for casinos for perfect air treatment.

What is Ozone?

Ozone Generator For Casinos

Oxygen is a volatile atom at its atomic level. Oxygen diatonically as O2 is stable. About 21% of the air we breathe today contains oxygen. That makes oxygen the most abundant molecule in nature. The molecule, ozone, is composed of 3 oxygen atoms, making it a triatomic form of oxygen. When ozone is present in very high concentrations, it appears as a light blue gas. When it is less concentrated, it appears colorless. There is also a distinct smell associated with ozone at very low levels, the smell could be described as “clean,” at higher levels, the odor is very pungent. It naturally decomposes to oxygen, making it an unstable gas. Gases such as ozone are highly reactive, and act as strong chemical oxidants.

Using an Ozone Generator in the Casino

It is common for thousands of people to enjoy a nice casino game. The problem is that they can breed bacteria and other microbes that accumulate in the environment. It is imperative to use some form of device to combat the smoke-laden air. Customers and workers in such rooms must breathe clean indoor air to remain healthy.

Your business depends on it. It is critical that the casino do not emit any strange or unpleasant smells that can disturb customers. 

Moreover, a bad environment can damage a company’s reputation. Thus, ozone can substantially enhance your casino or bingo hall’s quality.

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Ozone for Casinos

Ozone Generator For Casinos

Casinos deal with hundreds and thousands of customers each day, which makes indoor air quality an extremely important factor. If you have an unpleasant odor coming from the vents of your building, your customers won’t want to stay. Picture it this way: if your air quality is poor, your business could fail.

Casinos emit two types of gas/VOCs: 1) the live load generated by the dynamic occupancy in the casino… and 2) the “empty odor” that is produced by the adsorption/off-gassing cycle of the finish surfaces. When the casino is not occupied during peak times, these surfaces absorb tobacco odors and VOCs and release them into the atmosphere.  A constant level of odor-VOC at equilibrium increases over time. Therefore, even when the casino is empty, it smells like tobacco smoke, and the odor gets stronger with age.

If you have cigarette smoke stuck to your upholstery, or if there was a party in one of your hotel rooms at your casino where the smell lingered, our ozone generator will clear it away. There can be a lot of chaos in a casino, but in order to ensure that all your guests and customers are comfortable, the air quality needs to be kept 100% safe.

If, for example, one of your casino hotel rooms was recently trashed from the night before, and the hotel staff have done everything they can to clean it up. You can, however, smell an odor from somewhere as soon as you enter the room. Depending on the situation, this may have been caused by a spilled drink that was not cleaned up in time. You can simply use an ozone generator for 20-30 minutes to get rid of unpleasant odors in the casino room.

Benefits of Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator For Casinos
  1. Most VOCs it encounters undergo oxidation, to produce harmless oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor, which reduces odor molecules and VOCs by 90 percent or more. When ozone is in contact with these odor compounds, it instantly destroys them. Most people associate tobacco odor with relatively simple molecules with weak bonds.
  2. “Empty odor” can only be eliminated with ozone. The presence of ozone during periods of low occupancy oxidizes the embedded odors in the finish surfaces. These embedded odors will eventually disappear.
  3. In addition to sterilizing air handlers, cooling coils, heat exchangers, ductwork and other areas where bacteria and viruses thrive, ozone reduces the frequency of duct cleaning.
  4. Ventilation ducts help distribute it evenly throughout the ventilated space, so it finds odors and VOCs everywhere instead of working on only those pollutants drawn through it, as carbon and other sorption media do.
  5. Minimal operating expenses are incurred. Filters do not need to be changed; no adsorbent media need to be replenished. Maintenance is only required semi-annually and the generators last a very long time.
  6. After 15 to 20 minutes, ozone turns back into oxygen if there is nothing to oxidize. No toxic or hazardous residues accumulate in the air; no cleanup or disposal is necessary.
  7. Businesses that cater to smokers use this method to remove odors, gases, carcinogens, and VOCs emanating from tobacco smoke, as well as to eliminate odors that permeate surfaces inside the occupied space over time.
  8. Casino finish surfaces must be sealed to reduce and, over time, eliminate the “empty odor” which is created by gases and odors being absorbed into and expelled from them.
  9. It also offers benefits such as sterilization of duct work and condensation drip pans that are not available via any other technology.

Bottom Line

Ozongenerator offers ozone generators that are suitable for every establishment, so they can eliminate any odor, including tobacco smoke, that adheres to upholstery, carpet, and curtains. In order to protect the health and well-being of your visitors and employees, maintaining a purified air environment is the healthiest and most effective solution.

Cleanliness is important, but it is also important to eliminate odors and microbes that are drawn into a closed environment. Sometimes we cannot completely eradicate odors. We do not see the spilled drink, but the smell it creates may be coming from a drink that was spilled on the carpet.

We are happy to help you with your ozone machine needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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