Ozone For Sports Centers

Ozone For Sports Centers: Here Is What To Know

Maintaining a clean environment in the sports center is possible with ozone air treatment. The dampening odor of sweat and other bad odors in and around gyms, are effectively eliminated. Since there is no use of chemicals during the process, there is no risk to the person.

Ozone For Sports Centers

Since ozone is effective against microorganisms, it can be applied to areas prone to fungi and bacteria growth. Ozone generators manufactured by Ozongenerators are professionally created  according to customer specifications.

What is Ozone?

In its atomic form, the oxygen atom is unstable. When oxygen is diatomic, it is stable as O2. About 21% of our atmosphere is oxygen. Therefore, oxygen is among the most prevalent molecules that exist in nature today.


Therefore, ozone is a triatomic form of oxygen, which means the molecule has three oxygen atoms in it. At very high concentrations of ozone, it appears as a light blue gas. Ozone, however, appears colorless at low concentrations. When ozone is present at very low levels, it has a distinct odor, which may be associated with a “clean” smell. However, when ozone concentrations reach high levels, it has a very pungent smell. Gasses such as hydrogen readily decompose to oxygen in nature. In addition, the gas acts as a powerful chemical oxidant as well as being highly reactive.

Ozone for Sports Centers

At sporting facilities, aerosol contamination is primarily concentrated in showers, toilets, and air-conditioning systems, where microorganisms such as legionella can easily thrive.      

Furthermore, infections may be transmitted directly from one person to another or via contaminated surfaces. Hot, wet areas are characterized by a proliferation of mycoses, most of which are caused by fungi. 

Ozone For Sports Centers

Wet surfaces, such as those found on gym and sports equipment and machines, but more so those found on toilets and sinks, as well as floors generally, are ideal habitats for highly infectious viral agents, such as those causing “molluscum contagiosum” infections and “plantar warts”.        

Ozone treatment of these areas ensures that they are well hygienic and that the air and premises are well purified.         

By cyclically treating ventilation ducts, plumbing systems, and areas in general with ozone, the spread of infections, viruses, and fungi will be eliminated and the facilities will be more enjoyable. By using specific machines to perform the disinfection cycle independently, the automation of the process deriving from the use of ozone technology reduces the human and chemical resources required in disinfection, contrary to current practice.

How Ozone Process Works?

Ozone generators use a mechanism to spray triatomic ozone molecules, which are made up of three oxygen atoms. The substance has the potential to deodorize, purify, and disinfect everything it comes into contact with. Scientifically, ozone is used in many ways, including treatments, for the prevention of water pollution, disease, food pollution, cleaning and disinfecting toilets, and in many other types of places where it is possible, including our gyms today. With an ozone machine installed in sports facilities, athletes are protected against diseases and their environments are free from microorganisms, which in turn makes the air they breathe the best it can be.

The ozone generated naturally by corona discharge is both oxidatively powerful and highly reactive, so most contaminants and allergens it encounters are rendered harmless as well as smelling bad. Ozone can be used to treat chemical sources, mold, odors, bacteria,  etc.

Due to ozone’s high power and the fact that ozone oxidizes pollutant, it no longer retains its toxic, allergenic, or odor-causing properties, this means that even if the oxidized contaminant is breathed in, it will have no adverse effects.

Bacteria, microbes, fungi, and some insect larvae are protected by ozone through the sterilizing power of the gas. A microorganism such as a fungal spore or bacteria that is exposed to ozone will not be able to reproduce, causing rapid population decline. As a disinfectant, ozone is ten times more powerful than chlorine.

99.99% of bacteria are killed by ozone, which destroys their cell walls. Ozone is converted to oxygen during this process, thus eliminating the contaminant. In this way, no residual ozone remains in the air.

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Ozone (as long as handled safely) is the best air purifier for disinfecting, sterilizing, and deodorizing indoor air in this way, which is simple and efficient. This applies especially to enclosed places such as sports centers, houses, offices, hospitals, clinics, beauty centers, shopping centers, restaurants, or anything that is likely to contain contaminants in the air.

The first step to controlling the spread of viruses and bacteria is to ensure that places where they are detected maintain a clean and disinfected environment. The maintenance of a reasonable temperature and control of humidity levels are also helpful in improving air quality as well as ozone production.

However, we recommend using ozone whenever possible since maintaining all these conditions is not always feasible. Again, we would like to emphasize that ozone is the most effective agent for treating and controlling indoor air according to safety standards. Oxygen is a natural gas, and it is absolutely safe, and provides superior air purification.

Final Words

In addition to bacteria, fungi, and specific insect larvae, ozone is used as a sterilizing agent. Due to these characteristics, ozone can be considered a safer, greener, and more eco-friendly alternative to hazardous chemicals. Microbes prefer an environment without much ventilation, where the temperature is warm, and there is a significant amount of humidity. In addition, ozone eliminates mold and mildew.

Besides getting rid of all of the pollutants in the air, ozone is also very effective when it comes to controlling odors. Ozongenerators provides technology that covers small residential and commercial installations all the way to large industrial installations. Different industries today benefit from these highly effective and cost-effective ozone generators.

Ozongenerators creates ozone equipment to meet the needs of each of its clients. Besides air, or removing odors from rooms and stay areas, ozone can also be effective in disinfecting pool waters, gardens, cleaning… as well as on removing odors in each room, making any place more disinfected, deodorized, and purified.

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