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Ozone can be used in the transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables

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As far as we know, due to improper transportation and storage methods, the damage rate of vegetables and fruits is as high as 30%-40%. This is a very high number. In order to reduce the damage rate, in this case, ozone has appeared, which has a series of Characteristics, making it very suitable for fruits and vegetables. This work includes the characteristics of ozone and its application to the fruit and vegetable industry.

vegetable and fruits

Ozone can kill rot and disease-causing molds, yeasts, bacteria, and viruses in the air and on surfaces, as well as deplete and regulate ethylene levels. After oxidizing microorganisms, ozone immediately returns to pure oxygen without residues and maintains the taste, texture, and odor characteristics of the product in its natural state. Growers, packers, and processors can extend product life and marketability, and can naturally reduce rot loss of fresh produce.

Ozone was first organically certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and FDA. It is a powerful and non-residual disinfectant that can be instantly reduced to oxygen, keeping the taste, texture, and smell of the product in its natural state. Compared to chlorine. It can cause less impact and harm to food. In order to transport fresh produce around the world, ozone can extend freshness, minimize rot, and reduce pathogens without the use of chemicals. It can ensure food safety, arrive fresh, and help continuously improve efficiency and safety, fresh food is put on the market. The use of ozone technology can reduce the risk of loss by maintaining the freshness after harvest during the entire long-distance voyage, improve food safety, and ensure higher arrival quality.

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