Water Purification

Ozonation water treatment!

With the development of economy, more and more water pollution are appeared. Such as industrial waste, domestic wastewater and so on. Whatever water pollution has an impact on humans. You need to find some purification for your life. You can find out ozone water treament.
At first, drinking water disinfection: ozone is significantly more effective than chlorine, it can kill virtuses, bacteria, cysts and so on. Due to it quickly inactivates or kills virtually all bacteria, cysts and viruses but leaves no long-lasting residual and it does not remain present long in water. ozone is the disinfectant of choice for most bottled water bottlers.
Then, ozone waste water treament: In water have many impurities. Such as toxic herbicides and pesticides, non-biodegradable organic compounds, protins and carbohydrates and so on, due to ozone can convert to oxygen and leaves toxic, and does not remain present long in water. It may be more advantageous than chlorine to treat wastewater prior to discharge.

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