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Ozonated Water For Laundry!

What is ozone laundry? Now many laundry room use ozone water to clean clothe. Ozone is dissolved into water and applied to the wash wheel in place of the chemicals. And it can bring many tips, that all serve to improve the efficiency and reduce operating costs of a laundry. And what’s more! ozone laundry greatly reduce the environmental impact of traditionallaundry.
Ozone laundry begins with shifting in traditional laundry!
Steps of traditional laundry: Hot water– Alkali–Detergent–Acid–Bleach; and steps of ozone laundry: Cold water–Ozone–Detergent. According to these steps you can know these advantages:
1.Steps be simpled by ozone water.
2.Reduce the enviromental impact and useing cost.
3. Ozone works extremely well, it can achieve cleaning and brightening equal to or greater than you would by using chlorine and hot water with a small amount of alkali, cold water and a little detergent.
And many advantages from ozone, when you know its strong point maybe you will like it more than traditional laundry.

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