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New Carpet Ozone Treatment

After the new carpets have been fitted into home, everyone is sure to detect a strong and pungent smell. The chemical is used to stick the carpet down to the ground, which is usually the cause of the new carpet smell. In addition to creating new carpet odors, latex and underlay also cause a number of health risks. New carpet ozone treatment can help eliminate chemical odors from new carpet efficiently.

It is sometimes necessary to speed up the removal of carpet odors to make the room immediately livable, although most odors will dissipate naturally over time. It is important to either eliminate the new carpet odors or leave the area until the smells have completely disappeared, because new carpet odors can be just as undesirable as paint and adhesive odors, as both share characteristics that are harmful to our health.

Utilizing green technology able to create ozone molecules by saturating the air with high-powered electrical surges is one of the best ways to get rid of strong persistent odors. It is the device’s role to create ozone, which is then released into the surrounding atmosphere where it breaks down and separates back into its original components, oxygen atoms. After it has been in the atmosphere for a period of time, ozone bonds to any free-floating gases. During the oxygen attachment process, the new carpet odor molecules lose their innate characteristics and are subsequently dispersed naturally into the air.

Electronic ozone odor control devices are designed in such a way that their operation requires little supervision and can quickly and effectively eliminate carpet odor without the usual hassle of regular cleaning or the expense of air fresheners. Ozone molecules work as air purifiers and are sometimes referred to as nature’s air cleaner; even as they eliminate the smell of new carpets, they also work to eliminate all the bacteria and toxins in the air and help to ensure the air that you and your family breathe is cleaner.

How Is Ozone Produced?

The Ozone Generator produces Ozone from Oxygen in the air, one of the most readily-available substances on earth. Due to Oxygen’s ability to be converted into Ozone, Ozone has often been called “Enhanced Oxygen”. The upper atmosphere (Ozone layer) naturally produces ozone through the action of ultraviolet radiation. Electrical excitation of oxygen molecules in lightning will also produce Ozone. Both methods are used by Ozone Generators. Corona discharge generators generate ozone by using electrical fields. UV lamps are also used as ozone producers.

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A UV Ozone system typically produces a lower concentration of ozone. In most cases, Corona Discharge Ozone Generators are used because concentration of Ozone is imperative. The unstorable nature of Ozone means it is used immediately after being produced. At the location where Ozone will be used, Ozone Generators are used to produce it. Generators of ozone in all sizes can be used to purify water in municipal water systems, from small DC units used to clear the air inside your car (not recommended) to large industrial systems used to clear millions of gallons of water per day. The process utilizes only Oxygen as an input, so it is very cost-effective.

How Does Carpet Odor Removal Work?

The chemical compound ozone acts as an oxidant or a substance capable of converting organic matter into its base forms. They can also be used to decompose organic substances if they are sanitizers and disinfectants. Fluorine and chlorine are examples of oxidants. The Ozone Odor Removal process can combine organic chemicals such as ammonia, mercaptans, sulfides, and others into harmless by-products. Water can also be treated by oxidizing polluting organics and pollutants. 

Having a strong oxidizing effect, it is an excellent disinfectant and will kill bacteria, viruses, molds, and yeasts. Oxidants act quickly. Oxygen is then produced after Ozone oxidizes the substances. In effect, broken down substances become oxygen. Chemical engineers, chemists, and increasingly, doctors all over the world understand and predict the ozone production and application process.

Bottom Line

The carpet cleaning industry has bought hundreds of our machines over the years. A common pattern has emerged. More frequently than others, our machines require repair work. We often find that carpet cleaners’ machines are extremely dirty and clogged with residue near the plates when they send them for service. Why is this? Our research indicates that most carpet cleaners use their equipment immediately following the carpet cleaning process. These machines are placed in the center of a room, which is moist, soapy, and filled with chemicals. This results in corroded, grimy plates due to a unique reaction.

To get the best results, make sure your machine is set up to breathe clean air. It is better to use the ozone solution when the carpets are completely dry. If you need advice before using our carpet cleaning machines, please see our collection of commercial ozone generators or contact us for more specific recommendations.

About OzonGenerators

Ozongenerators is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ozone generators. The company has been engaged in the R&D, production and foreign trade of ozone generators for many years, so it has rich industry experience in both ozone generators and ozone applications. Ozongenerators strives to provide the most competitive ozone generators to our clients. The company has a production factory with its history over 30 years and advanced production lines and complete instruments and equipment. The components, wires and fasteners adopted in our products are all sourced from first-rate Chinese suppliers after long-period cooperation and selection. Through our self-owned production factory, the quality of the components and the production process can be effectively controlled, and the high quality and long-term stability of the products can be promised. This also helps to maintain the products’ price competitiveness.

At present, our products include Car & Home Air Ozonators, SPA & Home Water Ozonizers, Commercial Ozone Generators, Agricultural Ozone Machines, Industrial Ozone Generators, and Ozone Generator Spare Parts. We have continuously been making great effort to improve the quality of our products while enriching the variety. Today, whether for commercial, industrial, agricultural, car and SPA applications, we are capable of providing high quality ozone generators to satisfy the ozone application demands from different industries. In the future, we will continue to develop new ozone generator products according to market trends. In addition to our regular products, we also provide product customization service to meet the personalized and differentiated demands for products from our purchasers. Therefore, at Ozongenerators, no matter what our purchasers need in their orders, we will try our best to make it realized with our existing products and our product customization service. We take product quality and customer service as the foundation of our development. In recent years, our products have been well received by purchasers from Europe and USA for their excellent performances and reliability.

If you are purchasing ozone generators or other related products, please visit Ozongenerators.com. Based on your needs, we will provide you with the most appropriate and cost-effective product solution. We believe that our products can better help your future product sales. You can contact our Customer Service for more information. We are looking forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with you and becoming your product supplier.

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