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Methods To Purify Water!

It s extremely important to confirm your water has been purified or treated before drinking. There are four methods to purify water:
It is the easiest, cheapest and safest method.When the water source is in the secondary water supply, it may be polluted.Such as bacteria, viruses and so on. About this poloution, you have to purify your water. You can boil the water and by boiling at high temperature, bacteria in the water will not survive.

This is a water purification method that utilizes heat to collect pure water in the form of vapor. It can remove odors, bacteria, heavy metal and so on. But it has a big shortcome, the cost of purify is so high.

This is effective ways to purify water. It use physical and chemical process to filter water. It can be effective in rid water of the big or small compounds, but it will leave some mineral salts. The mineral salt is benefit to people. And the cost of this method is not too high.

Chlorination is a powerful chemical, it can kill bacteria, viruses, and so on from top water and it has low cost. But you have to know it has many limitations. You must control quantity to sure safe. Be careful! If you have thyroid problems that must talk to a medical practitioner before using chlorination. Or it may threaten your life and health.

5. Ozonated water
Ozone is the most powerful oxidising agent permitted for use at this time.It can oxidizes organic matter on the bacterial membrane, thereby weakening the cell wall, causing the cell to rupture, causing the cell to die immediately .

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