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Mold Elimination

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In hotels, dormitories, homes, offices and other internal spaces, the odor in the room will gradually increase due to humidity, body odor, food, drinks, pets and occasional smoking. Smoke and odors can be embedded in carpets, furniture, curtains, bedding, and bathrooms. They are also found to be sticking to walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

Even after the room is cleaned every day, since you cannot promise that everywhere is involved in the process, there may be odors quietly bred beyond your sight. Ozone is very effective in dealing with this problem, since it attacks them from the source of the odors. With ozone circulating throughout the room or facility, it will oxidize all odors on the surface. Ozone is a so active that it will follow the path of odors to eliminate indoor odors. They can even break down into cracks and crevices to finish the work.

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