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How To Remove Odor?

In daliy life, many ways can remove odor. There are some tips for your reference!
Removing odor from air. At home many types odor from air,such as pet, cooking and so on. Then vineger can be used in removing odor. You can put the vineger filled bowls in your home, it can help remove odor from air. And you also can put vinegar and other cooking spices together, it will emit substances that remove the smell of the house.
Removing Odors from the Fabric and Fibers. Mybe you still use insecticide to remove odor, but the insecticide odor will left in your clother, carpets and so on. So you can put vinegar and water together as a detergent to clean facbric and fibers. And also can put some baking soda, wait few hours and clean it.
Kindly reminder!
Proper air circulation will go a long way in removing many odors from your home. Open windows and doors for an hour or so to allow fresh air to whisk away the insecticide odors.

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