1.What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, and strong odor gas. It belongs to an organic compound called aldehyde, which is formed by the oxidation of alcohol. It often appears in our lives.
For example, after a new house is renovated, the furniture, wood-based panels, and paint in the room all contain formaldehyde.
It can exist for a long time. If it is in an environment containing excessive formaldehyde, it will cause serious harm to the body, such as asthma, tearing, red eyes, sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms.
Long-term exposure to this environment will cause cancer

2.Reduce the source of formaldehyde

When we start to decorate the house, please choose materials that do not contain formaldehyde as much as possible. Below is a list of furniture containing formaldehyde.
Building materials: wall insulation materials, wood floors, glue, paint. coating.
Furniture: sofa, wardrobe, locker, table, carpet.
In the family, these things are the easiest to contain formaldehyde, it is difficult to remove from our lives. We can minimize items that contain formaldehyde, such as choosing solid wood furniture instead of wood-based furniture. Use paint and glue that do not contain formaldehyde.

3.Use an ozone generator

Ozone generator is the best choice for removing formaldehyde. It can
Quickly decompose and decorate contaminated gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, hydrogen and chlorine, while killing bacteria in the air and quickly purifying indoor air.
Moreover, it can kill all pathogenic microorganisms such as bacterial propagules, spore fungi, pathogens, etc., and thoroughly disinfect indoor air and objects.
The unique properties of ozone make it one of the most powerful oxidants currently available. It can quickly reduce to oxygen, greatly increase the concentration of indoor oxygen, promote the activation of human cells, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and prevent diseases.