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How To Purify Water From A Natural Source?

Do you like hiking, clambing or explore the good outdoors? Before you go out, you have to bring enough water( water is the source of life). But when you drink all this water, do you know how to find clean water in outdoor? If you can not find enough clean water, you may have dehydration. Then you will feel thirst, dry mouth, headache, dizziness, and decreased urine output even it will lead to worsening dizziness, severely decreased urine output, a loss in blood pressure, rapid heart rate, shock, seizure, coma, and can be fatal. (Kindly reminder: if you have severe dehydration, you should go to see doctor in time.)
So before you go out, you have to study how to purify water from a natural source!
Step 1: Wash you hands and keep them clean before colleating water.

Step 2: Wash your container and definect.

Step 3:Collecting water from higher elevations or near the water’s source and avioding animal. And collecting water from area or streams, puting your container into water ‘s source.

Step 4:Allow the water you collect to stand for a while.

Step 5: Filter the water.

Last but not least, boil the water. Then you can get clean water.

Just some informations for your reference!

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