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Since COVID-19 is currently being used, many indoor spaces, such as hotels restaurants, offices, rooms, etc., require equipment for disinfection and sterilization. The odor generator is a very good choice because it can quickly kill bacteria and viruses. Therefore, many people choose to buy it for disinfection. This is a good business opportunity, we can purchase it on Alibaba for sale.

But how to purchase ozone generators on Alibaba and how to choose a qualified manufacturer is very difficult, because when we search for ozone generators on Alibaba, thousands of products will appear in front of us. How should we choose satisfactory products? I will tell you a few very effective ways

1.When we search for products on Alibaba, we will see that the suppliers will have some different logos.

Trade Assurance

Based on the basic information of each supplier on the international site and other information such as trade transaction volume, Alibaba comprehensively evaluates and grants a certain amount of credit guarantee to help suppliers provide buyers with services that guarantee the safety of cross-border trade. Credit protection service can be simply understood as a transaction method on the international station, which can bring more protection to both buyers and sellers; this is all Alibaba stores

Gold Supplier

“Export” is an export marketing promotion service that can help SMEs expand international trade. It is based on the world’s leading inter-enterprise e-commerce website Alibaba International Station Trade Platform. By displaying and promoting suppliers’ enterprises and products to overseas buyers, and then obtaining trade opportunities and orders, it is the first online platform for export companies to expand their business. International trade. It is recommended to choose more than three years. This kind of business has been established for a longer time and is more stable and reliable.

Verified Supplier

Verified Supplier is a comprehensive promotion service launched by Alibaba based on buyers’ purchasing habits, aiming to help companies quickly win the trust of buyers and facilitate transactions. In addition to the basic membership service, the key information of the company will be certified by a third-party international authoritative certification body, and then exposed through multiple channels on the Alibaba platform to truly and comprehensively demonstrate the strength of the company and improve the choice of buyers. Probability. Suppliers with this logo are very safe, and the risk of transactions is very small.

2.When we find products that meet the requirements through screening, we also need to pay attention to the problems of product vendors.

If you are looking for a long-term supplier, then the supplier’s business history is also an important aspect. Since it is easy to register in a Chinese company, if suppliers focus on the same product category for a longer period of time (for example, 3 years), their business will remain stable to a large extent.

It is important to know which country the supplier exports to. For example, when you want to sell products to the United States, you can ask suppliers to recommend their popular styles. And you can find other suppliers to compare the price and quality of the product.

Whether the supplier has the relevant certificate of the relevant product is also an important aspect. Especially for certain specific products, such as ozone generators exported to Europe, CE, RoHS, and other certificates are required.

In order to stabilize the supply chain, the supplier’s on-time delivery time is an important factor you should consider. If the supplier cannot deliver on time, this will affect your sales to a large extent. Especially for Amazon sellers, delivery time is particularly critical for your online store. Once the popular product in the online store is out of stock, although you have to replenish it later, this will greatly affect the ranking of the product. This means you will spend a lot of time marketing the product again.

Before confirming the order, you can buy a sample first, and test its quality and use effect after receiving the goods. Only high-quality products can bring long-term profits to your business. Most excellent suppliers usually have a complete quality control system to ensure quality.


Through these details, you can help you find a reliable supplier on Alibaba. Through some basic knowledge and common protective measures, the transaction becomes very safe.

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