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How To Clean And Remove Odor From A Toilet?

Because urine is constantly in contact with a toilet, an odor can be present if the toilet is not cleaned properly and regularly.To keep the toilet clean and tasteless, you need to clean your toliet. The most common household method:
Use vinegar and baking soda.
At first, you need to pour a cup of vinegar into toilet bowl and wait 1 minute. Then add about 1 cup of soda to the toilet bowl and add some vinegar, they will have a react. Wait about 10 minutes and use a toilet brush to wash the solution around the bowl. Finally, flush the toilet.
Ozone clean.
You also can use ozonated water to flush the toilet bowl. It can decompose microorganisms, remove the smell and clean the toilet bowl. This method is simpler, it can help you save time to do other things.

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