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How many types of impurities are in water?

Do you know how many types of impurities are in water?There are some tips, maybe you can find out.
A.Pathogenic Micro-Organisms! We all know a lot of sewage was produced every day, and bacteria,viruses,fungi and algae various mirco-organisms enter into water through sewage and other wates. They will cause various diseases, so it need chemical treament like chlorination to control the mirco-onganisms.
B.Suspended and Dissolved Inpurities! At first, Natural water may contain inorganic salts, gases and dissolved organic matter.Such as sand ,minerals eroded from the land and animal boday material,vegetable and oil globules. These impurities impact turbidity, color and odor to water.
C.Colloidal Impurities! Many suspended impuritiese in water bady, the lager particles above impuritiese settle down on standing,but smaller particles remain dispersed in colloidal form.Such as clay, organic waste products, coloring materails and so on.
Many people don’t know why to purify water, this is reson!

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