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Here Is How To Perform Ozone Treatment Of Car

Do you have a car that needs an ozone treatment? If so, you’re in luck, because there are a lot of ways to do this. In fact, you can even buy ozone generators to do the job yourself. But be careful, because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up damaging your car. So read on for some tips on how to get the most out of your ozone treatment.

Odor is a major problem inside vehicles. That odor that may be anything from your vehicle’s vents, or under the seat. You’ve tried everything there is to try to clean and scrub your car’s interior, including baking soda. When all else fails, an ozone treatment is the next step. You may have come across this term before. We’ll break it down for you right now.

What is an Ozone Treatment?

Ozone deodorization is the application of gas ozone (O3) to reduce smells, germs, and viruses from a car. Our detailing professional will place an ozone generator in your automobile for a set amount of time, depending on the severity of the smell.

The gas penetrates your vehicle, neutralizing the odor while also destroying any germs and viruses. The ideal approach to get rid of stubborn odors is with ozone treatments. It may enter vents, go far beneath seats, soak upholstery fibers, and reach all of the nooks and crannies.

How Does Ozone Work?


Ozone is the world’s most powerful sterilant. Ozone destroys undesirable molecules via an oxidation-catalyzed chemical reaction. The unstable O3 molecule, when exposed to another substance of any kind, attacks it and breaks it down through oxidation. When ozone comes into touch with the cell wall and breaks it down on a molecular level, killing the cell entirely, bacteria and viruses are destroyed.

An ozone generator is used to treat the air. This procedure is usually carried out by bombarding oxygen atoms with particular-wavelength UV light. The generator will be kept in your automobile as long as required to eliminate any smell. Before applying an ozone, be sure to clean your automobile completely. It’s crucial to identify and correct the source of any odor. Make sure you’ve eliminated all sources of dampness in the mold area if it’s mildew. You can also read our blog post on using ozone generator for mold and mildew removal.

Smoke and Pet Odors

Tobacco smoke is one of the most common causes of odors that cannot be removed. The chemical phenol, which is present in secondhand smoke and causes irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract, is invisible. The fragrance will dissipate quickly after the chemical is removed, since it contains no oxygen. Any remaining phenol gas will be totally oxidized by ozonation, effectively removing the smell.

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Because molecules have been destroyed rather than hidden or filtered in this situation, the odor will not return. There is no danger of exposure from your vehicle after treatment with O3, as it dissipates after approximately half an hour.

Procedure to Perform Ozone Treatment of Car

A smelly automobile is a major turnoff. If you own an old car or plan to purchase one soon, the odor in the vehicle might be a genuine worry. We’ve seen many consumers reject a used automobile only because it smelled musty and damp, or even awful. Here are some simple steps to perform ozone treatment of car.

STEP 1: Clean the Car

ozone treatment of car

Before you begin pumping ozone in the automobile, make sure all of the interiors are clean. The seats and carpets must be thoroughly vacuumed. To eliminate every particle of trash, the whole vehicle must be cleaned fully. If a surface can’t be reached with ozone, bacteria and other odor-causing molecules cannot be destroyed.

STEP 2: Using Ozone Generator

The ozone generator, often known as an ozonator is a machine that supplies ozone gas to the vehicle. The amount of ozone introduced into the cabin should be sufficient for the ozone treatment to take effect. The ozone generator is connected to an output pipe that we install through the driver’s side window, keeping all other windows shut.

STEP 3: Timing

The length of time it takes ozone to operate varies from vehicle to automobile. On average, 30 minutes of gassing is sufficient to address the majority of odor concerns. When ozone is in the car, we always recommend that you keep away since it is dangerous for both people and pets. Fans are usually switched on and kept running on recirculation mode at full speed when the vehicle is started. After the procedure is finished, all of the car’s doors and windows are left open to allow extra ozone to escape.

STEP 4: Checking the Car

As a rule of thumb, one treatment is sufficient to eliminate the odor from the automobile. However, based on our experience, up to three treatments may be required in some instances to achieve the desired effect.

Final Words

Ozone treatment for cars is a process that uses ozone to clean and protect the interior of your car.

The benefits of ozone treatment for cars include: cleaning the air inside the car, protecting the surfaces inside the car, removing odors, and reducing allergies.

All of these benefits make ozone treatment for cars a great choice for keeping your car clean and healthy.

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