Flood Recovery With Ozone

Flood Recovery With Ozone: Here Is What You Need To Know

As a result of the flash floods in different states, many lives have been lost and millions of dollars of property has been damaged. A state of emergency was declared in five counties in Florida by Governor Rick Scott due to the dire situation. Even though the rain has stopped and floodwaters have receded, property owners are now faced with a much more dangerous problem, mold and fungus growth. As a result of flooded basements, damp attics, and stagnant water in various crawlspaces, the affected areas are currently living in conditions similar to those in third world countries.

Flood Recovery With Ozone

Despite homeowners’ efforts to rid their properties of stagnant water, their worries don’t end there. Residents are still recovering from the effects of the flash floods, so they tend to overlook the fact that the moist conditions created by the flooding have created the perfect breeding grounds for mold. Even one spore contaminating an area will cause a bacterial bloom that can reach the billion count in just a few hours once the bacteria settles.

Moreover, mold can also be toxic for people who suffer from allergies or other sensitivities, severely affecting their health. Mold can lead to structural instability in buildings, particularly wooden ones, posing risks to residents. The number of families who have mold in and around their homes, the complain of respiratory problems, or aggravated asthma, fever, and other symptoms, has already risen.

Despite all that’s going on, it appears that the growing mold menace will never be resolved, except through the highly innovative approach of ozone. The manufacturers of ozone generators has rescued thousands of households by offering them a way to eliminate mold from all nooks and corners in which it might grow.

Ozone Generator for Flood Recovery

Flood Recovery With Ozone

Ozone generators can effectively remove odors and help with flood damage cleanup. An odor may appear as soon as a day or two after flood damage has occurred.  Mold and mildew will likely cause the odor you have to deal with.

Obviously, spray cans of aerosol can’t improve the air quality after severe weather. Storm damage may cause a great deal of odors and airborne particles to form. To prevent additional, potentially offensive items from entering the environment, it is best to attack them all naturally.

In order to remove particulates from the air, an ozone generator is employed.  In the event of flooding, these devices are designed to remove odors caused by mold, mildew, bacteria, sewage, and all other nasty things that may have been washed into a property. The size of the ozone generator device, however, varies. As such, it’s important to choose one that fits the area that’s been damaged by flooding.

Because of its tremendous power as an oxidant and disinfectant, ozone can be used effectively to treat mold-infested buildings, homes, and offices since it is a gas.  Commercial restoration and remediation firms have been using it for a number of years.  In comparison to other cleaning methods, ozone is more effective because it is a gas that can travel wherever air currents take it, therefore treating all surfaces and air in space.

Mold and Mildew

Flood Recovery With Ozone

In damp or wet environments today, mold is a problem. The most common cause of allergic symptoms is mold and mildew. It is common to find mold and fungus all over the world. High-cellulose material, including wood straw, hay, wet leaves, dry wall, carpets, wall papers, fiber boards, some ceiling tiles, and insulation, facilitates their growth. These areas are usually slimy and wet. In humid environments (55 % +), there are more chances of mold growth. They can cause respiratory problems even when dry. A mold-reduction, mold-control or mold-eradication ozone generator can be used in your business or home to reduce, control, or even eliminate mold growth.

A rapid response is essential when a flood occurs.  A half-measure will not suffice.  Get the water out of the area as soon as possible.  Keep the water in the building as long as possible to avoid further damage.  Therefore, you should go to the hardware store or a rental store and purchase a pump that will do the job quickly.

After documenting the damage for insurance, discard everything that is damaged.  The cost and trouble of salvaging goods will far outweigh the benefit of buying a new or used replacement. 

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Ozone generators are becoming increasingly important in this field.  Mold and mold spores will be neutralized with an ozone treatment.  Within twenty-four to seventy-two hours, mold can begin to grow after the flood.  It is incredibly important to take action to prevent mold from growing. 

You need to take action quickly to prevent its damage.  We offer fast delivery of ozone generator because speed is of such importance.  Mold can be stopped in its tracks by ozone, even if it has already begun spreading.

In addition, ozone is one of the most effective methods for eliminating odors and mildew in buildings.  When there is a flood, there are many fronts to fight on.  Among the best sanitizing agents on the planet, ozone is great for treating water.

Ozone generators have the greatest advantage because not only do they remove unsightly mold from an area, but they also eliminate fungus, bacteria, dust, and bad odors.

Final Words

Weather disasters cause different types of property damage. But one thing we can say confidently is that they cause substantial property damage. Putrid odors are often caused by storm-related property damage. Regardless of how severe your flood damage is, an ozone machine will enable you to kill mold and mildew, ensuring your health and safety moving forward.

You can contact us if you have any questions about dealing with flood damage related odors.

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