clothing odors
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Eliminate Clothing Odors and Fabric Odors with Ozone

Clothing odors and fabric odors have always been unavoidable. Nowadays, besides regular clothes laundry service, some laundries start to provide clothing odor removal service to customers. This might be what some people need. But if you go there often enough, you will find that it can be expensive. As a matter of fact, the service they provide can be realized at your own home. Today, in this blog, we are going to talk about the causes of clothing odors and fabric odors, and how to deal with them.

clothing odors

The Reasons Why Clothing Smells Bad

In our daily life, there are several reasons for the emergence of clothing odors and fabric odors. In summary, there will be the following possibilities:

1. Not dried in time

If your clothes are not drying in time, especially in wet season, they will easily to mold and thus produce odors. Even for clothes that have been washed, if they are left in the washing machine for long time without drying, they will smell bad. The reason why this happens lies in that small and confined space. Even little dirt left unwashed or detergent residue on the clothes will be enough to produce certain odor.

2. Odors from other rooms

Generally, in a family, kitchen will be the most common source of odors. If you leave your clothes exposed to kitchen odors for long time, it is not strange your clothes will also smell like the kitchen.

3. Unwashed washing machine

Under normal conditions, your washing machine will be wet for most of the time. As a result, it will become the breeding ground for bacteria and thus contain certain odor. While it is be used, bacteria in the washing machine will easily be spread to your clothes, making it also smell bad.

4. Athletic family member

If you have one or more family members who play basketball or soccer, you will get to know how bad their clothes smell. Even after they are washed, such clothing odors will remain. This is because in the exercise process, the sweat, skin cells, and sebum produced by the body will be stained to the clothes and penetrate into the fiber of the clothes. Sebum, in particular, will be too sticky to be washed away.

In fact, there are more reasons why family odors will be with you for long time. Sometimes, you may not even be aware of the odor in your clothes. The reason is simple: you have been used to it. But for the visitors come to your home, they will easily smell it.

clothing odors

Common Methods to Deal with Clothing Odors

For clothing odors, the common solution adopted by many people will either be repeated washing or constant change of detergents. Some people also hang them out on sunny days, hoping to remove such odor. But there are limitations in both approaches. Repeated washing will surely lead to the extra abrasion in clothes. And not all types of clothes can be washed very frequently. Hanging clothes under the sun also makes higher demand for weather condition. In the event of continuous rain, it will be impractical.

Deal with Odors with Ozone

As a matter of fact, we can take advantage of the strong oxidization of ozone to realize the removal of odors in clothes. Ozone method is also simple and efficient. Our home ozone generators can help you in the quick removal of clothing odor. You can visit our Home Ozone Generators to browse our ozone generators especially designed for family use.

How to Operate

Here are the general steps to follow for clothing odor removal with an ozone generator:

  1. Choose a small room in your home. For better odor removal effect, smaller space will improve the removing efficiency.
  2. Remove any outer packaging of your clothes and hang them in the room. Keep a suitable distance between the clothes to let ozone touch them effectively.
  3. Put an ozone generator into the room, preferably at a higher place than your clothes. Since ozone is denser than air, this will help ozone to evenly spread in the space. To increase the airflow in the room, you can also have a fan placed in.
  4. Set the working time of your ozone generator according to how terrible the odor is. After the time is set, ensure that no people or pets are in the room. After the completion of odor removal, remember to open the door and windows for air ventilation for over 1 hour at least before reoccupied.

Of course, odor removal with ozone can be used in other places in your daily life. Ozone can be used to remove odors from different rooms, pets, cars, etc. We have talked about ozone applications in these aspects in our previous blogs. You can go to our Ozone Applications if you are interested.

clothing odors

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