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Water Damage

Water Damage smell

Household odors come from many sources, such as tobacco smoke, pets, cooking, moisture and body odor. These smells and steam not only radiate in the air, but also adhere to walls, ceilings, cabinets and crevices. They are also embedded in carpets, furniture, curtains and clothes, as well as bathrooms, kitchens and closets.

Even after cleaning the room, the smell will not completely disappear. The scent emitted continuously interferes with our lives.

If  SO-P5G Ozone Genartor is used, it will circulate throughout the room or facility and will oxidize the odor on all surfaces.

How To Deal With The Smell Of Water Damage

In order to water damage smell, open all closets and cabinets, bring the ozone generator into the room and plug in the power supply. Set the treatment time according to the severity of the smell. Then close the door and free up the area for treatment. Allow O3 to dissipate for at least one hour before reoccupying space.

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