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Rental Cars

Smell in Rental Cars

Vehicles always emit peculiar smells during normal use. Food and beverages are often spilt to places that are difficult to clean. Also, smoke will penetrate into every crack and crevice, and the residual smoke and dust will adhere to almost every inner surface. To make it worse, the smell of pets and human body can also leave unpleasant smell on seats and carpets.

When you need to get rid of such smell, you can use a SO-P5G Ozone Genartor Ozone Generator. It will produce and emit ozone molecules. These molecules will circulate throughout the inner space and facilities, thus oxidize these odor molecules, and emit the odor on all surfaces.

How To Deal With The Smell Of Rental Cars

To eliminate the unpleasant smell in rental cars, you can first let the enclosed space of a car be exposed as much as possible, and then bring an ozone generator in. Before turning on the power, you should guarantee that no person, pets, or vulnerable plants are in the car. Then, close all doors and windows of the car. After that, you can now turn on the power of the generator, and set a proper treatment time based on how terrible the smell is. When leaving the driving seat, remember to close the driver’s door, and check again to make sure that all doors and windows are shut. Let the process continue for at least one hour before re-entering the car.

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