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Smell in Dormitories

Dormitories are places where inner air condition is almost impossible to keep. The unpleasant smell of the rooms will increase due to human activities, the smell of food, drinks, and others going in from outside. Smoke and odors can penetrate into cabinets, curtains, bedding, etc. It will also adhere to walls, ceilings, and almost all surfaces it reaches.

Even after the room is cleaned at a daily basis, such unpleasant smell will not easily disappear. The scent emitted outside into the air will continuously interferes with our breath.

To let go of such unpleasant smell, a SO-P5G Ozone Genartor will be what you are looking for. After the device is applied, it will generate ozone molecules, which will later be circulated and go everywhere within the room. With the spreading of these molecules, odor molecules of the smell will be oxidized and thus be disposed of. When the application is finished, the inner air condition of a dormitory will be improved to another level.

How To Deal With The Smell Of Dormitories

To conquer such unpleasant smell in dormitories, firstly, make sure that all closets and cabinets in the room are opened. You should promise that no person, pets, or vulnerable plants are there during the process. Then, please close all the doors and windows. When this is done, you can now turn the power of the generator on, and set a proper treatment time based on the actual condition of the dormitory. To give a thorough elimination treatment, try your best to prevent the leaking of ozone gas. The smell elimination process will need at least one hour. Remember not to enter the room before the treatment is finished.

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