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Smell in Bathrooms

Bathrooms in homes, office buildings, schools, and other institutions will generally have more traffic and usage than other areas. It is always an ongoing challenge to keep it clean and smelt good. Moisture is unavoidable due to the everyday cleaning with water and detergents, and odors spread inside the bathroom and into the equipment is saturated.

If you want to remove such smell in a bathroom, a SO-P10G Ozone Genartor Ozone Generator will be a great choice. With the application of the device, ozone molecules will be generated when it’s working. These molecules will circulate within the room and into equipment of the bathrooms, and thus oxidize these odor molecules. In this way will the odor on all surfaces be removed.

How To Deal With The Smell Of Bathrooms

To remove the unpleasant smell in a bathroom, first you should open these enclosed spaces as much as you can in the room before an ozone generator is brought in. Before the generator is turned on, you should promise that no person, pets, or vulnerable plants are there. Also remember to shut down all doors and windows of the room. When this is done, you can now turn the generator on, and set a proper treatment time based on the current air condition in the bathroom. Usually, the process will need at least one hour. Last but not least, please remember to keep the door shut when leaving the room.

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