Ozone Laundry
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Chemical Free Ozone Laundry

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, commercial laundering was introduced in the United States with ozone. In addition to achieving chemical free laundry with ozone, there are the economic, microbiological and environmental benefits to using an ozone generator in laundry.

You can learn more about how ozone machines can reduce your laundry’s cost and chemical use by going through this article!

Ozone Laundry

Due to ozone properties, ozone laundry systems reduce cycles times, water consumption, energy consumption, sewer costs and chemical consumption. Organic and inorganic compounds are effectively eliminated by ozone’s disinfecting and oxidizing properties.

A traditional laundry process is typically accompanied by a host of chemicals. Ozone replaces many of these chemicals. By dissolving ozone into water, this replaces many chemicals. Textile care is an important aspect of reducing laundry machine operating costs and improving its efficiency. As compared to traditional laundry service operations, ozone laundry systems significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

There’s no need to use chemicals and hot water to achieve high-quality standards. Ozone is an extremely effective oxidizer and is used to clean laundry using only cold water. Additionally, ozone acts as a powerful bleach and increases the quality and life of textiles. Less wear and tear on textiles is achieved with shorter cycle times and cooler water temperatures.

Common Ozone Laundry Applications

Hotel, household, and hospital laundry systems and nursing homes generally employ this system. In addition to extending the life of textiles, ozone washing reduces energy costs and allows faster fill rates, shorter wash cycles, and even shorter drying cycles. Clothing that is sanitized, softer, and smells better.

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Economic Benefits

Ozone is an environmentally friendly chemical that can save 21% over current methods. Ozone wash systems typically require fewer rinse steps, resulting in a 30% to 45% reduction in water consumption. By contrast, these systems recover the large majority of water (reductions in water use can be as high as 75%).

The use of ozone reduces the energy needed to heat water (savings of 87-90% on natural gas) with cold water. Moreover, faster washload completion due to less rinsing (39% labor savings).

Microbiological Benefits

Ozone Laundry

All kinds of clothes can be cleaned with ozone: linens, wiping cloths, towels. Ozone laundering has been documented to reduce cross-contamination of illnesses in nursing homes and hospitals.

Environmental Benefits

Laundry using fewer chemicals means wastewater discharges fewer chemicals, in this way, the environment is exposed to fewer chemicals.

In sewage treatment plants and/or receiving waters, oxidized organic soils on laundry are more easily decomposed by microorganisms caused by ozone;

The discharged water shows lower COD levels (Chemical Oxygen Demand).

Laundry operations can reap numerous benefits from the use of ozone. Ozonation can drastically improve operating efficiency when used in the right way. While reducing cycle time, hot water usage, and the amount of water used overall, quality results can still be achieved.

  Ozone in laundry has the following other significant benefits:

1 – Reduced Energy Costs

Hot water is typically used for sanitizing but cold water is preferred for ozone generation. Reducing hot-water consumption and drying times leads to considerable energy savings through reduced hot-water consumption and reduced drying times.

2 – Reduced Water / Sewer Costs

By enhancing the effectiveness of traditional laundry chemicals, ozone reduces the amount of detergent needed. This reduces the number of wash cycles needed. Less water is used and less sewer is discharged.

3 – Reduced Drying Times

Water does not become sour when ozone is present instead of bleach or detergents, so fewer chemicals are necessary. Therefore, less softener is needed, which coats the fibers and holds the moisture in the fabric, thus extending the drying time.

4 – Reduced Detergent/Chemical Costs

When it comes to destroying bacteria and sterilizing linens, ozone is faster than chlorine bleach – at equal concentrations. The ozone is completely harmless since it reverts to oxygen after use. With ozone, fewer chemicals are needed during the wash cycle, resulting in a high level of disinfection.

5 – Increased Linen Life

Laundry with ozone results in a shorter drying and washing cycle. The fabrics wear less due to less exposure to chemicals and heat. Ozone softens water and extends the life of fabrics.

6 – Increased Fabric Brightness and Softness

Ozone Laundry

One of the main causes of fabric graying is the re-deposition of soil onto linen. Ozone prevents this. Chemicals and bleaching are thus eliminated. The result is softer, fluffier linens because chemicals are reduced.

7 – Improved White & Colored-Load Mixes

In many applications, ozone eliminates the need for bleach, which means white and colored linens can be washed together without the need for labor intensive load separation.

Most organic and inorganic compounds that cause odors can be deodorized by ozone. Your laundry will smell fresh and clean after using the ozone generator, similar to the smell of clothes drying in the sun or directly after a lightning storm.

In general, laundries whose washers are equipped with ozone generators and have replaced their industry standard wash programs have increased productivity due to quicker machine turns.

Hotel laundry, shirt laundries, nursing homes, fire houses, prisons, commercial laundry, and on-premise laundry are just a few places where Ozongenerators has introduced professional ozone generators for laundry.

Bottom Line

Now, you can stop that laundry odors forever, without harmful chemicals, with an ozone generator! The odor is caused by bacteria growing in the fabric of your washing machine and its gaskets, which is completely destroyed by ozone. Fabrics will last longer, dry faster, and feel softer since it does not require detergent, bleach or fabric softener. You can go through our collection of industrial ozone generators to achieve odor free and chemical free ozone laundry.

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